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6 Minimum Wage Workers vs 1 Secret Millionaire

#love language #jubilee #how do millionaires dress #odd man out #Entertainment
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#choosing a career path #blind devotion #live deeper #6 minimum wage workers vs 1 millionaire #millionaire #spectrum #middle ground #minimum wage #jubilee project #can they spot the millionaire #who is the secret millionaire #how do millionaires make their money #how much is minimum wage? #jubilee media

Jubilee photo 1 6 Minimum Wage Workers vs... Jubilee photo 2 6 Minimum Wage Workers vs... Jubilee photo 3 6 Minimum Wage Workers vs... Jubilee photo 4 6 Minimum Wage Workers vs...

Next episode: They're all moles but they think they're the only one.

by BASICALLY 4 months ago

He’s still a winner cause he’s still a millionaire

by knation adrian 3 weeks ago

So basically the girls think “if you’re a boy you can’t be broke”

by Lydia Kristine 3 weeks ago

It isn’t “girl power” when your being rude

by Wintergukk 2 weeks ago

They voted out everyone who actually deserved to win so they could have the money to themselves. David didn't deserve that

by branthegarbage 3 weeks ago

"Nothing has changed besides some random numbers on my bank"
Dude, I want some of those random numbers too.

by Bautty 4 months ago

Wow the last part was pretty disgusting from the girls.

by San bravo 1 month ago

Why were they so harsh on the girl with the online business ?

She literally just started it, so she wouldn't have much money would she ?

by Verity Treadwell 2 weeks ago

Idk why but the two girls at the end are really annoying. They seem so basic like when you when you think of a white girl you think of girls like them.

by Alice Productions 3 weeks ago

This always feels like, "Let's vote out the person we talked to"

by Dylan Robbins 4 months ago

i feel so bad for the guy in the red shirt. the girl was rly mean to him ;(

by cry1ng cl0uds 3 weeks ago

Next time on jubilee: Guess who has corona virus

by SadIsHere 2 weeks ago

The fact that the girls teamed up to vote everyone out for no reason made me so mad

Edit: can y’all please stop fighting in the replies of this?🥺
thanks 😊

by Lydia Kristine 1 month ago

Smh this annoys me so much “we are going for girl power” but going back to who wasn’t a gamer when the girl got voted out the men are “sexist” but if women do it they’re “strong” smh

by Cam ‘ 2 weeks ago

Im tired of these people just voting out everybody. Thats the easy way out. They should have a rule where the more people you vote out the less money you get

by Candy Goo 4 months ago

Dont like how they went for girl power over logic. That was dry asf

by Soviet woman 1 month ago

those girls doesn't deserve that money

and shoutout to kevin my man

by Gairick 3 weeks ago

The millionaire has that classic "out there" fitness coach youtube persona.

by Jx42 2 weeks ago

The last 2 girls are mad annoying they dont deserve money

by Vex1LowLife 3 weeks ago

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