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Joe Rogan | The Effects of Drone Warfare w/Ben Anderson

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So why isn’t this on CNN or Fox. Oh because they don’t care about people dying in the Middle East. It’s sad 50 people died in New Zealand but that happens every couple of months by suicide bombing in the Middle East and it barely makes the news here.

by Gabriel Pacheco 11 months ago

Yemen isn't a threat to us at all. It's been entirely a Saudi and Emirate campaign because the Yemenis rose up and overthrew their puppet dictator. it's a civil war over which we have zero core interests at stake. tell Saudi's and Emirates to go fight that war on their own if they are so concerned about it.

by UMR Mech E 11 months ago

The drone war is state terrorism.

by john smith 11 months ago

Sadly no one in the comments could make a difference 😭

by Benjamin Richards 11 months ago

Am I the only one seeing Daniel Radcliffe's older brother here?

by Luís Torres 11 months ago

Smash the military-industrial death machine.

by aarcas 11 months ago

Saudis really aren't helping themselves Image wise 😂

by Lmc92 11 months ago

Ben "No movement ever has been crushed by force." Reality: China in Nepal. China suppressing Muslims in their most Muslim populated province. Using massive police force, pushing hard, no mercy or slack given. Two examples of the Chinese. A few thou years ago: Rome, finishing Carthage and not, as the story goes, sowing it with salt. No - they planted Romans in the port city and ran it themselves. They also crushed Israel after two rebellions - that was the last one, because they scattered the population that was left and gave it to non-Jews to have. And one of the biggest examples - Islam in so many countries historically. Lots of formerly Christian countries are now Muslim in N Africa, crushed within the first few hundred years of Islam being created and Islamic since. Sorry to break it to ya, Ben - force can work very well.

by DevilDocNowCiv 11 months ago

you left out they killed the mans son, and daughter, aswell. first military operation under trump killed the daughter.

by Nick 11 months ago

It’s literally a cycle
drone kills one terrorist
Terrorist dies along with 300 civilians
The survivors of that drone attack than become terrorist

by Nuh 1997 11 months ago

Joe needs Jeff the golden snitch on again explain TJ situation

by Lil ZUZU 11 months ago

Ben on the whole crushing force doesn’t work I’d argue historically unrestricted total war is the only thing that has worked.

by Ben White 4 days ago

Something about this guys voice that just knocks me out. Like I get so sleepy listening to this even though he is talking about these horrendous acts of war

by DOZER Oakley 11 months ago

I have never heard of this dude before but he’s already one of my favourite people I’ve seen on podcasts because he is just talking about what he’s seen in such a calm but vivid way

by Jamie Mckelvie 10 months ago

Anwar al-Awlaki was targeted by Obama. How about mention that fact?

by Mark James 11 months ago

The thing that makes drone strikes so cruel is you can literally commit mass murder from the other side of the world knowing damn well you’re in zero harm

by E S 11 months ago

Pretty sure the Nazis were crushed by force.

by Russ Bennett 11 months ago

Joe nwo rogan💀🇺🇸

by Brick Top 11 months ago

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