Journey Theatre in association with AWAL

The Journey Theatre in association with AWAL is set to host captivating headline talks from some of the biggest artists around. These particular sessions will offer exclusive guidance to up-and-coming artists - with acts talking about how they made their break, and what they’ve learned over the years being successful musicians. 


Where can I see the Journey Theatre in association with AWAL programme?

The programme of talks is available now, and more speakers are being announced all the time, keep checking back for the latest news. Book your tickets now to have first choice of sessions to attend.

How many sessions can I attend?

As many as you like! These are available on a first come, first served basis at the show, and as such are subject to availability.

"I started playing in bands at 13. I thought the code was, write a great song, get signed and live the rest of your life in rock and roll opulence. Just over half my life later I have realised that's not the case. Amplify is here to give every aspect of grass roots music the full knowledge 360. If you are serious about your sounds then pull yourself down to this."
Phil Taggart

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