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'Tickle Me Pink' - New Version

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Official promo video for 'Tickle Me Pink' by Johnny Flynn

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Johnny Flynn photo 1 'Tickle Me Pink' - New... Johnny Flynn photo 2 'Tickle Me Pink' - New... Johnny Flynn photo 3 'Tickle Me Pink' - New... Johnny Flynn photo 4 'Tickle Me Pink' - New...

wow, this was in 2008. Feels like it was yesterday

by Tom Carr 3 years ago

I took a picture of some graffiti on a bathroom wall years ago with "Pray for the people inside your head, for they won't be there when you're dead" on it. I had forgotten about it until I stumbled on the photo looking through the photos on my old cell phone, and decided to see if it was from a movie or something. It's kind of heart-ripping, considering the contrast between who was still alive at that time and is no longer here now. But I'm glad I found this, nonetheless. <3

by xXxequisxXx 8 years ago

You know when you sometimes come across a song that blows your socks right off.

This did it.

I love this.

by Daniel Daniels 5 years ago

I am so in love with Johnny Flynn. It's a little unhealthy.

by Sierra Ho 9 years ago

All these years later and I still absolutely LOVE this song.

by BoricuaDelight 3 years ago

When you die, all your thoughts, ideas, and things and people you made up go with you.

by gingysaurusrex 6 years ago

First time Ive heard anything from this band, by the way. I love the weird cello accents. This is just good music... Forget the trends. I know this style is old, but this music just does what its supposed to do. I like it. First impression.

by TransdimensionalFilms 10 years ago

Moone Boy brought me here.

by Dobled 3 years ago

the only time he sounds better produced than when unplugged :)

by lybeat 5 years ago

Love it so catchy, i believe he's the half brother of Jerome Flynn.

by michelleuk 10 years ago

He's great just great I nearly no all the words

by Coolkid 2099r 4 years ago

Love the song and Johnny's songs seem to appear in most of my dreams. It was this song last night. I do thank him for all of his lovely music. If I could say something to him now, I'd say: Johnny, (Or Joe..whatever he's really called and I still confused on that.) If you don't keep playing your type of music, there will be some type of war. And your fans would be on the front line. (Also I would thank him for not singing any of the trash you hear on the radio today.) Thanks Johnny. XD

by OfMiceAndPorcipines 8 years ago

What tune does the bass guitar play?! I know I heard this melody somewhere else, but I just can't remember... does anyone know?

by drisenetin 10 years ago

Albert Enshtain 💝💝💝

by jafaar 6 months ago

so good looking.amazing,brilliant musician etc..

by Cecilia Dumont 11 years ago

Dude, you've got to upload this music video in higher quality

by sebbe91 3 years ago

@sevennationarmy93 - they were together for a while, I think? They sung together for a bit, anyway!

by Hollie Cook 9 years ago

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