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Stephen Merchant on his greatest roles: The Office, Extras, Logan, Jojo Rabbit, Hot Fuzz, Portal 2

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Stephen Merchant dissects the greatest moments from his career, including The Oggmonster in The Office, Ricky Gervais' incompetent agent in Extras, a super-powered mutant in Logan, and himself in Life's Too Short, as well as appearing the likes of Portal 2, Jojo Rabbit, Hot Fuzz and The Simpsons..
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JOE photo 1 Stephen Merchant on his greatest... JOE photo 2 Stephen Merchant on his greatest... JOE photo 3 Stephen Merchant on his greatest... JOE photo 4 Stephen Merchant on his greatest...

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by JOE 3 months ago

I like how Steve actually acknoledges Rickys existence...Unlike Ricky when it comes to Steve.

by Louie Phillips 3 months ago


- The Office
- Extras
- Life’s Too Short
- Logan
- The Simpsons
- Modern Family
- Portal 2
- Hot Fuzz
- Darkplace
- Fighting With My Family
- Jojo Rabbit

by Carl-Michael 2 months ago

Close your eyes...
All I hear is Wheatley...

by LIDARKSIDE 3 months ago

Bit disappointed they didn’t talk about his role in Men In Black 2...

by _ Booth 2 months ago

Steve always feels so genuine and isn't spitting out the same old answers like Ricky. It is weird that hearing him say "we will work together again" means so much....i really hope it's sooner rather than later. Eyes bulging with imagined riches...

by CollectioNeo 3 months ago

Eyes, that pop out of their head, Steve

by M P 3 months ago

Wheatley: "'Let there be light', That's, uh.... God, i was quoting God".

by paparoxo 360 1 month ago

Think his greatest moment was the podcasts tbh.

by jamiewkfarrell 3 months ago

One of the most funniest comedians ever. This man is a comedy genius.

by Amanuel Kassa 3 months ago

Hope you got your 50p back.

by devey123 3 months ago

No talk about Hello Ladies?

by UserX03 3 months ago

Eyes that pop out their head... steve.

by Lewis Piper 3 months ago

It had big eyes, it was gangly.

by Ashbfc 3 months ago

That thing in Men in Black 2 it could've been your brother, Steve

by M P 3 months ago

I doubt anyone will find this interesting but I actually currently attend the same secondary school Stephen did as a younger lad. So he’s always been a major inspiration of mine

by Lucas Ward 3 months ago

Haven't heard him say they will work together again.... For ages.

by 01 sevensix 3 months ago

I like this actor from JoJo Rabbit, and then i figured out he also acted Whetley from Portal 2, and that's... wow

by Антон Копаткин 2 weeks ago

Could we do a tie up with Dickie Anders?

by 01 sevensix 3 months ago

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