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The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 327 | The Rony

#Slaughterhouse #hiphop #meg thee stallion label #julez santana camron #Entertainment
The guys dive straight into it with the Meg Thee Stallion vs her label conversation and Carl Crawfords response to Meg's accusations. Drake dropped new music, Juelz Santana suspected diss track towards Cam'ron and more.
Sleeper Picks Joe: Mahalia (feat. Ella Mai) - "What You Did" Rory: Chiiild - "Pirouette" Mal: Giveon - "Like I Want You" Parks.
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Mal is bugging. It's people working 40hrs a week and still living check to check. Most people are one emergency away from homelessness.

by Pat 2 weeks ago

Mal really said “how many people you know that live in poverty” this man lives in a bubble.

by vatt 3 weeks ago

So we're just ignoring Michael Jackson's hee hee and chimon in the greatest rnb adlibs of all time? Just irresponsible!!

by SumnSumnSumn HTK 3 weeks ago

As soon as Mal gave his opinion about people in poverty, I came straight to the comments smh

by Talita Hutchins 2 weeks ago

Mal: "Cyn would much rather have on sneakers than heels I can tell you that"

Nah fam 😂..this is happening too often

by Jah_ved D 3 weeks ago

Rory has been trying to tell us that his relationship is rocky for a LONG TIME. His Album dropping soon lol

by Tom Rob 2 weeks ago

Mal is very closed minded & naive about how many ppl are actually struggling & living check to check.. like wow smh

by Trish C. 2 weeks ago

The fact that Mal was oblivious about how folks really outchea struggling speaks volumes.

by Ayoo Des! 3 weeks ago

Anyone with student loans or credit cards should know how a seemingly knowledgeable person can get screwed over by a contract later down the line.

by Oya 3 weeks ago

Mal about to get a lot of hate sent his way. His take on music and poor people was ignorant. There’s people that work everyday and still living pay check to pay check.

by Richard Philbert 3 weeks ago

Why are y’all surprised that Mal is out of touch? 🤣🤣 Joe has been subtly saying that for a long time now!

Edited to explain that:
-Subtly: describes something that is done in a delicate or understated way
-Subtlety: is the state of being subtle (which will never apply to anything Joe does)

This is not an English class. We shouldn’t debate grammar in comments UNLESS they ask us to 🤣🤣 If bruh man really didn’t know what subtly meant- now he knows!
This is a fun podcast- go be happy and laugh! 🤪 ❤️❤️❤️

by Ashley M. 2 weeks ago

Mal: I don’t get why ppl say I was broke and needed the money 🤦🏾‍♂️

Dear Mal- not all of us have a big brother that was a drug kingpin / Rocafella CEO we gotta work our way to the top we can’t use a family affiliation and doors open

by King Rell 2 weeks ago

Mal really clueless on life outside of Roc Nation HQ. people living rough out here and they got jobs.

by bruce bagley 2 weeks ago

Dear Meg, heres advice from Mark Cuban " Do you want 40% of a watermelon or 100% of a grape".. Make your 3 albums real quick and get a new contract

by ALL Boogi 3 weeks ago

The conversation about Meg The Stallion is why the JBP is such an elite podcast- industry insiders breaking down the industry in a way the public can understand. Rory: keep pulling up from the logo and Mal is just load managing he will be back in time for the playoffs.

by Lewis Vassel 2 weeks ago

Mal said what is another year of being broke 😂😂😂😂😂 never have I seen such lack of empathy or understanding

by s A 2 weeks ago

Mal doesn't seem to understand pain or struggle. Ain't you from the BX?

by Sha BoogieBalla Balla 3 weeks ago

I kinda hate when they play music, it's like minutes of silence on the YouTube vids

by DooDoo Brown 2 weeks ago

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