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Jaguar | British actor Idris Elba stretches the all-new Jaguar XE (Extended)

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“It’s a driver’s car.” That’s the verdict of British actor Idris Elba on the all-new XE, delivered from an ice-covered Spa circuit. Check out how the star clocked up 1,200km driving from London to Berlin in the most efficient Jaguar ever. Tackling the famous Belgian F1 racetrack along the way, the star arrived in the German capital with a playlist produced on the go for the sports saloon’s European launch party. http://bit.ly/1rFaeU0.
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Jaguar photo 1 Jaguar | British actor Idris... Jaguar photo 2 Jaguar | British actor Idris... Jaguar photo 3 Jaguar | British actor Idris... Jaguar photo 4 Jaguar | British actor Idris...

how come they didn't consider this guy for top gear

by Tlhabi Sehoole 3 years ago

Amazing man and car! Keep up the amazing work guys! Jaguar never stop making emotional cars!

by jason herah 1 year ago

I still remembered my first ride on a jaguar was with an English friend from Los Angeles airport to Chanel island :ok_hand:

by Atu Louaki Lasitani 3 years ago

65MPG?? Which model was this?

by jasoncatt 4 years ago

What song plays at the beginning ?

by d29 4 years ago

anyone know where i could find a jacket like the one Idris is wearing??

by zackattack1025 3 years ago

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