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Colm Meaney on the Tommy Tiernan Show

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Colm Meaney on The Snapper, The Van, Star Trek and more.

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Jacob Standing photo 1 Colm Meaney on the Tommy... Jacob Standing photo 2 Colm Meaney on the Tommy... Jacob Standing photo 3 Colm Meaney on the Tommy... Jacob Standing photo 4 Colm Meaney on the Tommy...

I love the lack of pretension, the naturalness & sincerity laced with humour in TT's interviewing style. When TT uses his humour he's laughing WITH the guest rather than playing to the audience. I love watching these. Thanks for uploading, JS!

by Kick biker 2 weeks ago

Tommy is actually an incredible interviewer. Puts Ray D'arcy and Tubridy to shame.

by Barry B 1 week ago

What a fantastic interview. Great blend of storytelling, humour and discussion in such a short segment.

by Paul Fagan 2 weeks ago

2 lad u would love 2 have a sit with and a few pints

by Shane O'Brien 2 weeks ago

Well that was 14 minutes and 48 seconds of my time exceptionally well spent, fantastically enjoyable interview

by Dave Coyle 2 weeks ago

Was married with my family surname of O Dunlaing for years. Shame he left us!
Also, ole Colm and Tommy Lee Jones with Busey in Under Siege. What a class act on villans that was. Never forgot how great he was

by BxxDxx Hoodoo 1 week ago

Class, Meaney has been years outta Ireland but still has that true blue Dublin sense of humour

by Christy Dolan 2 weeks ago

He bought me a pint one night. We chatted over the first few sips. Awfully nice man.

by Mossy Nolan 1 week ago

there's that cough..quick run!!😷 Meaney should be on an episode of Mrs Brown's boys he'd pass as her brother 😂 👌 legend

by TheAub2012 1 week ago

I’ve a firm belief that this show could not be replicated in most western countries. In the US for example I just wouldn’t work, the station would be too worried about getting sued for asking the “wrong” question. There is no wrong question there is just a question of whether you want to talk about it or not. Best talk show on the planet has me in different forms of tears every episode.
On a side note Tommy would want to be careful of his posture, I have an image of him as an old man hunched over with a walking stick and it’s not pretty.

by Diarmaid O'Riordan 1 week ago

Tommy genuinely doesn't know who is coming on the show. Making for a much more interesting show.

by Stephan Carter 2 weeks ago

Good stuff. And they even have Irish Romulans now.

by Geoff D 2 weeks ago

He's looking in fine fettle!

by EHKodiak 6 days ago

RTE must be short for the heating, Tommy has to wear a hat.
Or does he want to be like "the edge"

by Hugh Jaanus 6 days ago

Why is this guy no given job of presenting late late show?????
SERIOUSLY RTE...That tubridy hasn't a clue nor is he in any way entertaining.
This is gold!

by Lady A 1 week ago

Two national treasures

by Jay McD 1 week ago

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