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Cannon Busters: Opening

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Netflix "Do you want to skip intro?"

Me "Hell no!"

by Fox King jm 3 months ago

One of the best openings in a while

by Mavado1 7 months ago

Netflix: โ€œSkip Intro?โ€


by Janette Rei 2 months ago

Thank you so much!

An anime that acknowledges and focuses on people with darker skin!This honestly means so much to me!

by Simudzo Chitondo [L4H] 4 months ago

I really hope they keep this op out at least the song for season 2

by Fangsabre 5 months ago

The way he tucked in his shirt was half assed...cause...just look youll get it

by Kriosis Reborn 4 months ago

This show is mixture of big o cowboy debop and soul eater

by DeeRock 4 months ago

This needs at least 4 seasons

by T. Witt 4 months ago

Song: Showdown
Artist : Marty Grimes and BJRNCK

by Cody Watts 7 months ago

Definitely my favorite anime opening at the current moment

by Autumn Kyle 4 months ago

It's one of those openings that I can watch every episode โคโค๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ‘

by Warren Noel 4 months ago

I never watched this anime before but my brother watches it a lot so when I found out the intro name I was hyped

by Galactic Warrior 4 months ago

Who else thought it was Rihanna singin?

by Dicaru 007 1 month ago

When i first heard this I was like "Is this rhiannah????

by Fred Deese 3 months ago

This show and intro song alone gave me a feeling of nostalgia that even Klaus couldnt... good shit, man.

by William Fog von Qualen 2 weeks ago

You have Harley Quinn, the guy in the mask is based on that guy from G Gundam, and you also have the Evil cooperate lady from boondocks.

by itachi65ful 3 months ago

this intro got SOUL!!!๐Ÿ‘

by Gavin Lewis 3 months ago

Any news on this show getting renewed? I hope it does, because it was just starting to get interesting those last couple episodes.

by dbzking02 1 month ago

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