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Netflix's Cannon Busters Season 1 Review

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Netflix's Cannon Busters is a fantastical space-western anime series in the vein of Trigun or Outlaw Star, but its ambitious world-building overshadows its simplistic plot. Here's our spoiler-free review of Cannon Busters Season 1.
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Shame on IGN for not mentioning that this an Anime Created and written by Lesean Thomas and that this originally started as a Kickstarter. This isn't the typical Netflix anime.

by Jonathan 7 months ago

The opening is the true star to this anime 😭

by King Elijah 7 months ago

The potential is there, they just need to find bigger budget and production for season 2.

by Le Dedo 7 months ago

“He only has one real drive: not to be painfully murdered”
I can relate.

by Lone Vindicator 7 months ago

Bro how did you not talk about the end and op song.... I didn’t skip a single time watching the entire series

by MC Sonic Japan 7 months ago

Trigun + Cowboy Bebop + Outlaw Star + a hint of Space Dandy = Cannon Busters

by geardog24 7 months ago

The true star of the show:
The alcoholic samurai!

by arbknight12 7 months ago

The animation was dope, but the story was hella cheesy

by Laurae Steele 7 months ago

Big ups to LeSean Thomas.

by NFLDude56 7 months ago

It’s not a perfect show but it is fun and as far as I’m concerned that’s really important with shows like this

by Tetsu Hatano 7 months ago

The opening alone makes it worth watching.

by Always_Serpico 7 months ago

I honestly like Cannon Busters. Even though it felt like they've rushed it, I would gladly like to watch season 2 with open arms. Btw, what are your favorite characters in this series? For me, I personally like the cyborg lady with the eye patch! I think her name was Koine I presume? 🤔

by Soul Edge2448 7 months ago

This show is amazing!!!!!
Best theme song lol

by Cloud Gamer 7 months ago

It doesn't strike me as one and done story like Cowboy Beebop or Samurai Champloo. So character development that doesn't happen by the end of the first season can be forgiven if its a show that suppose to last long.

by Maniacal Laugh! 7 months ago

Really fun watch. Felt like a cast of video game characters but the plot was pretty basic. Hopefully if there will be future seasons they can spice it up even more

by Continue? 9, 8, 7... 7 months ago

One of the best Openings Hands down

by Jovo大志 7 months ago

It's kind of hard to say whether something has a theme or narrative intention when A. It hasn't been given a long enough time to digest and B. It's incomplete

by Alonzo Ocean 7 months ago

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