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Eric Prydz Beats 1 EPIC Radio 028 (Cirez D @ Seismic 2019)

#Pryda #ID #Cristoph #Re-Match #Music
2 hour Cirez D special recorded live from Seismic Dance Event 2019. Tracklist, 01. Cirez D - Horizons
02. Cirez D - Re-Match
03. Cirez D - Punch Drunk
04. Cirez D - Tigerstyle
05. Cirez D - Mouseville Theme
06. Cirez D - Bauerpost
w/ Hollen & The YellowHeads - Quick Combination (Frankyeffe Remix)
07. Cirez D - Filler [Edelfettwerk ID]
08. Cirez D - In The Reds
09. Cirez D - Thunderstuck
10. Cirez D - Drums In The Deep
11. Cirez D - Overdrive
12. Cirez D - I Can't Take It
13. Cirez D - Glow (In The Dark Dub)
14. Cirez D - On Off
15. Markantonio - Cento (Kaiserdisco Remix)
16. Cirez D - Ruby
17. Dusty Kid - Kollera
18. Cirez D - EDC 2014 ID [Working Title]
19. John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts (Cirez D Private Revolution Remix)
20. Dean Grenier - Hurrikan
21. Yotto - Nova
22. Cirez D - Tech One [Ushuaia ID]
23. Charles D - Amplify
24. Push - Universal Nation (Bart Skils Remix)
25. Chymera - Dreamrunner
► Cirez D ♫
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#Filler #EPIC Radio #Tigerstyle #Techno #In The Reds #Glow #Unreleased #Beats 1 EP28 #Jeremy Olander #Punch Drunk #Eric Prydz #Overdrive #Rematch #Horizons #Edelfettwerk #Bauerpost #In The Dark Dub #Adam Beyer #Drums In The Deep #Thunderstruck #Drumcode #Episode 28 #Ruby #Mouseville #Cirez D #Tech One #028 #Mouseville Theme #I Can't Take It #On Off

IDJunkie photo 1 Eric Prydz Beats 1 EPIC... IDJunkie photo 2 Eric Prydz Beats 1 EPIC... IDJunkie photo 3 Eric Prydz Beats 1 EPIC... IDJunkie photo 4 Eric Prydz Beats 1 EPIC...

This is big, it's the first ever officially recorded and released set for Cirez-D. Life is good.

by Huthaifa Muayyad 4 months ago

I was at Seismic,I’ll never be
the same at his Cirez D set,
life changing experience🤯!

by A1 Shaud 4 months ago

The Swedish gave us IKEA & Eric Prydz. Tack !

by Gabriel 4 months ago

Insane. Eric is on another level! Crazy sound design. Cant believe how talented he is!

by Muzafar Ahmed 4 months ago

This was played in a large warehouse at Seismic, pretty insane experience.

by Riley Trankle 4 months ago

How dirty is this set?! Amazing. Thanks for the upload dude

by Jay Evans 4 months ago

I'm so glaf I was there for this. So much fire!

by Kevin Gaytan 4 months ago

I was there!! the set was freaking amazing!!!

by JNS ATX 3 months ago

One of the best intros :)

by Nick 4 months ago

You are a hero that u play universal nation. You and MIKE makes the greatest melodies!

by Dimitri Albert 3 months ago

Anyone have this epsiode as FLAC quality? EP 27 was uploaded as FLAC, this episode (EP 28) is only 128k.

by Josh Diamant 4 months ago

dont listen to those voices

by O S 2 months ago

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