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Between You & Me - Overthinking (Official Music Video)

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The official video for Between You & Me's new single “Overthinking!”.
Welcome BYAM to the Hopeless Fam! 💛
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Directed By: Adrian Eyre
As I'm looking through these pages, re-reading my old statements. 
There's something in every word I write that always takes me back to when I was sixteen. 
A kid that's dreaming of a life I still don't have.
Is there something more for me than every day stuck on repeat in a job that doesn't make me happy.
Have I been pushing pen to paper instead of catching up on sleep? I'm overthinking every word that I write down.
Am I outdated? Fresh ink fading like a name etched in the concrete of our neighbourhood, that I can't read anymore.
These days I don't feel anything except the emptiness inside of my chest.
I keep reasoning with that voice inside of my head that said you're taking too long, get a grip before it's gone.
Have I been chasing a lie?
I can't decide if my choices are right
Have I been wasting my time
Am I wasting my time
I can't decide but I'll keep an open mind
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Lead that new wave of Pop Punk, Hopeless!

by Scsigs Gaming 2 years ago

I get a Knuckle Puck / Neck Deep vibe... that's a good thing

by Matt McCarthy 2 years ago

This is so cliche pop punk and i love it

by Bobby Drex 2 years ago

i remember seeing their cover of nerve by the story so far back in 2015 and instantly knew this band was going to do something. stoked to see them sign to hopeless

by Blake McConnell 2 years ago

"In a job that doesn't make me happy"
Hits me like a truck

by MHGaming Hero 1 year ago

For all those who didn't know the band before, go check their EP "Paper Thin". Its an absolute blast and delight. So proud of these guys

by Marcos Rodes 2 years ago

Reminds me a bit of Belmont. Great job guys, love the sound.

by Chance Wilkes 2 years ago

Never heard of this band, until now and I think i just fell in love

by Lea May 2 years ago

I have already played this song over 1000 times. Eager to see what these guys have in store for the future

by Not The Expert 2 years ago

I clicked on this thinking it was jarrod alonge and I'm not sure why

by Madison Blegh 2 years ago

Y pensar que hace años veía los cover de Jake. :') <3
Mucha suerte, chicos!.
Tienen una fan aquí en Chile... los apoyaré siempre. <3 éxito en todo!!.

by elena Rodriguez garcia 2 years ago

This is one of the catchiest choruses I've ever heard

by Bossatonix 2 years ago

Let’s be honest most of us can relate to this song!

by T0RN APART 4 days ago

Is it me, or do they kinda sound like Sunrise Skater Kids?
Good Ol' Jarrod Alonge

by ShazMilaz 2 years ago

This song and band randomly came on my neck deep playlist on spotify...and i can't get enough of them ...these guys are badass

by Looktowardsthesky 2 years ago

Hopeless records helps in preserving my emo side. They keep pop punk alive for the next generation, and I hope they will continue for years to come.

by Vio Gascon 8 months ago

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