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GraphQL: The Documentary

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๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€ Starring Lee Byron, Dan Schafer and Nick Schrock (co-creators of GraphQL) and other big names from the #GraphQL community, "GraphQL: The Documentary" explores the story of why and how GraphQL came to be and the impact it's having on big #tech companies worldwide, including Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb and Github.
"We have been really involved with the GraphQL community since founding Honeypot. We run the GraphQL Conf here in Berlin with Prisma, so having the chance to work with Lee, Nick and Dan to make this documentary was really rewarding." Emma Tracey, Co-Founder Honeypot ๐Ÿฏ
Music, "Harper" by Neon Ridge
"Revelations - Alternative Version" by Tristan Barton
"The End" by Max Herve
"Two States of Minds" by Max Herve
"6" by Lex Villena, https://soundcloud.com/lexvillena/six
"Til the End" by FVMELESS.
"Where We're Going" by Kevin Graham
"Discovery" by Kevin Graham
"Curiosity" by Kevin Graham
"Flowing Air" by Vlad Morleo.
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Honeypot!!!!! HATS OFF! for creating such gems for developers, your channel is like Netflix for developers! Also, I will be waiting patiently for the React Documentary ๐Ÿ˜

by Oliver Gomes 9 months ago

Never imagined coding tech could have a documentary. Cool!

by Bock 8 months ago

if in the world of javascript everyone will make a movie about their own framework, then you can compete with hollywood

by Shary Shary 8 months ago

Beautiful!! This is officially the first coolest and nerdiest software documentary ever!

by Yas var 9 months ago

It's amazing what a bunch of highly motivated engineers can achieve.

by vivek anand 4 weeks ago

the java logo has the javascript text SMH

by Thomas Melak 1 month ago

Excellent! You are doing a really good job in making these documentaries that showcase stories and developers on their way to becoming rockstars. Thank you.

by Prashanth Krishnamurthy 9 months ago

This is what engineering is. Love this stuff!

by Ashish Rao 7 months ago

Excellent documentary! I love the fact that these developers took the initiative to engineer something that could be extended far beyond the bounds of their initial requirement. It shows tremendous creativity, which is my favourite part of being a developer.

by Gavin Lon 8 months ago

I have been waiting for this for a month!

by Angel Cardona 9 months ago

Wow!! I feel like watching an inspiration movie!!
we'all have a magic Toolbox (laptop). Isn't it amazing that we can build/make whatever we want with it??
Thanks for the documentary!!

by Satyanarayana Bolenedi 8 months ago

should have sub/titled this "The Shape of Data" :D

by arhyth 9 months ago

I've been wanting this type of content my whole career

by Miguel Carter 1 month ago

I enjoyed this kind of documentary, amazing.

by Gabriel Mayta 9 months ago

Interesting story. Used it for a few hobby projects in 2017.

by Fahad Murtaza 9 months ago

Love the power of open source and community growing this.

by Marjorie Ray 8 months ago

This is so amazing! Better than Vice! Nice job team!

by Josiah McGarvie 9 months ago

Why can't this be longer?? :(

by Anthony 9 months ago

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