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Future - Perkys Calling [Instrumental] (Prod. By Southside) + DL via @Hipstrumentals

Hipstrumentals Ten photo 1 Future - Perkys Calling [Instrumental]... Hipstrumentals Ten photo 2 Future - Perkys Calling [Instrumental]... Hipstrumentals Ten photo 3 Future - Perkys Calling [Instrumental]... Hipstrumentals Ten photo 4 Future - Perkys Calling [Instrumental]...

Listen producers out there. Your beats dont have to have all kinds of sounds and layers. Most of the times, simplicity is the best route. Yes, it might get boring and feel empty but that's how it is. Not all your beats have to have mad sounds.

by Javier Scheuermann 4 years ago

To all of those complaining it's "too simple" or "plain," hop on it and make it come to life. It's up to you

by Eric Raley 4 years ago

I can hear my Ex calling

by DRAKECera 3 years ago

Now everyone using this beat for documentaries

by J 3 years ago

I look on thee horizon alot
The temperture's rising
The block getting hot
Them heathens is plotting
To conquer the spot
Them demons is rising and dropping the ops
And the Kingdom is climbing with Father atop it
The Kingdom in mind when I counger these thoughts
To preach in the Grace of the Father and son
And teach in the ways that's taught by the Gospel
Reach in the waves and pardon skunked
And Heal in the name that's lost by the rottened
Build in the lane that's part of the doctrine
So everythang breathing may know he the one
Jesus Christ Yashewah whatever
As long as you talm bout the one whom was hung
To die for man's iniquitous ways
And war with flesh with demons among it
Blood on my niggahhs we sacrosanct this shitt got nothing to do with agreements or money
The body ain't gang we family
And this ain't nothing but freed and being abundant
Famines is coming
Cannons is humming
But None of my niggahhs gone land in the dungeon
Barrens is plumping
Majority lands
And scarcity hungering to swallow the wicked and hollow the emptied, empoverish the many, acknowledge the skinnied, and bury assumptions
Weather through locust, disease, or Malaria
We art preparing them knowing the fair of the funding

by 2God Btheglory 1 month ago

Sounds like the first day out beat with Tee Grizzly

by The Boys 1 year ago

one of the best instrumentals ive heard in a while.

by xav milt 2 years ago

This the life of a young baller R.I.P Lor Scoota ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‘

by King KB TV 2 years ago

Woah Tee Grizzley - First day out sounds a lot like this wtf you can hear the inspiration. Both songs are dope as hell though.

by KingMobile 2 years ago

I can hear L'A Callin๐Ÿ’ฏ.. 'A

by Sebb MBOE 3 years ago

who else feel this beat on a spiritual level

by Woop Sooo 1 year ago

i can hear my future calling

by OG-TRIX 2 years ago

6lack did justice to this track!!

by KeMo 3 years ago

Used this for my edit๐Ÿ˜Œ

by Vibez 1 week ago

Ayyyyyye This IS toooo Clean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
toooo meannnnnnn
neeeeeed toooo hop in this

by โ€˜ Omari 1 year ago

I feel like the instrumental has less chance of getting people addicted to pills

by George Hebert 4 months ago

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