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Heath Hussar photo 1 GIRLFRIEND TEACHES ME HOW TO... Heath Hussar photo 2 GIRLFRIEND TEACHES ME HOW TO... Heath Hussar photo 3 GIRLFRIEND TEACHES ME HOW TO... Heath Hussar photo 4 GIRLFRIEND TEACHES ME HOW TO...

“What’s going on, did you not get enough attention today?” -is the most relatable thing ever😂😂😂😂

by Kiara Dewrance 1 week ago

If I don’t see a choreographed dance at their wedding.... I swear to god.

by Matisse Swanson 1 week ago

Mariah: Casually giving instructions

Heath: WoAh ThIs iS coOl

by Gabrielle Hill 1 week ago

i could NOT stop smiling and laughing the whole timEEE LMAO - they are so perfect for each other

by Tatiana Burtamekh 1 week ago

mariah: says literally any choreo idea
heath: WOW COOL!1!!1!

by Michelle Rahardja 1 week ago

I want a whole series of this, like Mariah teaching Heath all different styles of dance:) They both seem to enjoy it and I thought it was so heartwarming to watch

by Jo 1 week ago

Heath: I give you a kiss

Mariah: Did you not get enough attention today?

Heath is me😂🥺

by BasicIsTheName 1 week ago

It’s so obvious how positive this relationship is, she literally makes him a better person, not like he was a bad person, but just that this is what a relationship should be like, making each other better together

by Taylor Scruggs 1 week ago

Mariah: “you just wanted to kiss me”
Heath: “yeah🥺”

by Aracely Lopez 1 week ago

every 10 seconds: “and then you can kiss me” 🥺

by Sydnee Alexander 1 week ago

As a dancer who isn't the most confident choreographer, Heath hyping up Mariah's choreography is the sweetest thing in the world 💛

by teacakes 1 week ago


by Amy Paproth 1 week ago

i love how mariah never loses patience, shes always encouraging, i think she’s such a good teacher!!

by Ali Rudiger 1 week ago

Their relationship is laughs and love and that’s because they communicate and obviously understand each other and support each other and i absolutely want it and love them to pieces

by hah Rebekah 1 week ago

watch how Heath's starting to doubt himself and maybe a little insecure too but then Mariah immediately Lifted him up and Encouraged him. That right there is why Heath is so much better now, He's got the love and support he never thought he needed. And its also very evident that He Loves Mariah so much too. Mutual Love and Respect is what they have. Im super happy for the both of them 💕❤️

by Anthonette Tagbo 1 week ago

i absolutely love how confident mariah makes heath. she’s SO good for him & their love makes my heart so happy!

by Samantha Bontrager 1 week ago

When Mariah tells him to do a body roll and he does one standing straight up and she goes “oh no no no” 😂

by Rachel Rose 1 week ago

"did you not get enough attention today i dont understand" "*giggling* i dont think so" lmao theyre so cute :,)

by Kaelyn Aldridge 1 week ago

"don't flip your wrist like this" is what I've needed to hear my entire life. CEO of not being able to do the wave move

by Maegan McConnell 1 week ago

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