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Fetty Wap - Again [Audio Only]

Harlem Fetty photo 1 Fetty Wap  - Again... Harlem Fetty photo 2 Fetty Wap  - Again... Harlem Fetty photo 3 Fetty Wap  - Again... Harlem Fetty photo 4 Fetty Wap  - Again...

Man remember when Fetty was blowing up back in the days and everyone listened to his bangers and now no one listens to his song only true fans do
Not gonna lie Fetty was the best rapper of 2014-2015
Like this so I know your listening 🔥 🔥 🔥

by Zain Imran 10 months ago

I have not one clue what happened to Fetty bro, he was so fire, 4 years b4 his time🤧🤧

by Steven Antunez 11 months ago

Who remember when you used to hear him on the radio all the time.......

by Tredz 1 year ago

Who low-key still hear this in 2019


by xtian831 5 months ago

I remember singing this shit to my ex because I messed up 💀💀💀💀💀

by KING STUNNA 1 year ago

Fetty Wap please come back with fire music 😭💙

by ITz Boghi 1 year ago


dudes in 2015 when their gfs broke up with them : ‘i wAnT yOu tO bE miNe aGaAaAiiN bAbY’

by Lana Stone 5 months ago

I want fetty to be this lit again

by Hache 1 year ago

4 years later and I’m still jamming to this song🥰

by Katrina Mariee 1 year ago

Who banging this in 2019 🔥💯

by shawtywm 1 year ago

2019?? Anyone?? Songs 🔥🔥🔥

by Hufzzz 1 year ago

Its not a fetty song if he doesn't say baby, dont @ me

by Bleach 6 months ago

2019 ayee we bringin life back to this songgggg

by floofy Jen 6 months ago

2019 and still going ⬆️👑🔥

by Justin Case 1 year ago

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