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This is Why Manchester City Needs Leroy Sané

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This is Why Manchester City Needs Leroy Sané
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#sane #manchestercity #skills
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I hope he stays with his friends at City. We all want him to stay, he’s a phenomenal player. We have the most talented young squad on the planet with the worlds best coach. I struggle to see why anyone would want to leave.

by R. W. 2 days ago

I've been a Cityzen since I was a kid and for me Sane is the best winger We ever had so for me It would be the worst leaving of a player specially with his age and still full of potential to become one of the greatest

by Jorge Fernandez 2 days ago

If the league gets voided, sane is not going to play for city again. He will have a year left next season and city will be forced to sell him, and it Doesn’t look like he will sign a new contract anytime soon. CTID

by You wouldn’t get it 2 days ago

Leroy is one of my favorite player from united fans😊

by Kevin Samte 2 days ago

neither the cameraman expected that move💙 (this is somebody's comment I can't remember from what video)

by Willy C. 2 days ago

Gardiola needs to reduce his pride 😤 and play this lad

by rafael sambu 2 days ago

His body feints🤤

by GZ 2 days ago

When Sane is happy he plays well, that's beyond question. But his attitude is poor. Right now the problem isn't City. According Pep they've have an offer on the table for the past 2 years. It's up to Sane to sign it. As far as i know City takes good care of its players, so the problem isn't City but Sane and his family (girlfriend, mom, dad) i understand the family isn't united on this issue. The player himself is confused. In the midst of all of this, he's recently changed his management team.

by Frederick Eshun 2 days ago

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by Tyler W 2 days ago

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by Tyler W 2 days ago

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