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Who's going to WIN the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE? | Sport #AskGuillem | FOOTBALL Q&A

#Football Preview #Answer #Atletico Madrid #LFC #Sports
Who's going to win the UCL? What's the greatest game I've ever watched? What's the best thing about my job? Why does the Barcelona Academy produce so few Number 9s? All that and more in this new episode of #AskGuillem done with Sport, who I recently joined as a columnist..
You can check out their website right here: https://www.sport.es/en/
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#Football #AskGuillem #UCL

#Football News #UCL #Champions League #Match Highlights #Ask Guillem #Balague #Barca #Football #Sport #FCB #Match #Question #Barcelona #Preview #Guillem Balague #Liverpool #Highlights #Q&A #Atleti #Soccer

Guillem Balague photo 1 Who's going to WIN the... Guillem Balague photo 2 Who's going to WIN the... Guillem Balague photo 3 Who's going to WIN the... Guillem Balague photo 4 Who's going to WIN the...

No LIVERPOL FC, oversight or genuine believe?

by Loll Redman 4 weeks ago

After today’s tie (especially the city clash) then we can tell, but for now the German clubs look dominant

by Darryl Tobiko 4 weeks ago

As an Espanyol fan, how would you best explain why this season has been such a disaster for them?

by Talia Mason 4 weeks ago

Just want to give my 2 cents, is it just me or is Ask Guillem much better without music in the background ? nevertheless fantastic work as always.

by Abdallah Raslan 4 weeks ago

Did he miss Liverpool?? Liverpool not one of the 6 favourites?? That's hilarious! You honestly think athletico will walk through Anfield? Liverpool not even have a chance? Funny. VERY!

by cousinwes1 4 weeks ago

Keep up the great work Guillem. Your insight and perspective is unparalleled!

by James Slater 4 weeks ago

Thank you Guillem love this channel and podcast on Spotify. keep up the great work

by pumped up kicks 4 weeks ago

Looking pass Liverpool are we!?.. good luck with that!

by OG Whitfield 4 weeks ago

Istanbul Miracle 🔴🙏

by Saed YNWA 4 weeks ago

Guillem me and you should start a new show 😀😀🤣

by Collins Chileshe 4 weeks ago

Will Real look at Erling Haland this summer?

by Notorious Nerd 4 weeks ago

Man City will win it this year making the ban they receive even more complicated. Will they ban the champions ? 😄👍🏻

by steven denham 4 weeks ago

Mr I can better answer your question tomorrow but now it looks like it be bayer or Juve

by Jose Garcia 4 weeks ago

if Man City win the champions league this season and are banned next season who plays the club World Cup and UEFA super cup ?

by Zakito Yepthomi 4 weeks ago

Dude what is it with the porn music?

by ZuluWarrior 4 weeks ago

Dortmund and Bayern look very very strong, cannot look beyond them. Atletico Madrid maybe. Barca and Real Madrid look all over the place, no consistency.

by Kieran Hannon 4 weeks ago

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