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YGG w/ DJ Kirby T - Grime Sessions

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Grime Sessions - YGG w/ DJ Kirby T
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Grime Sessions photo 1 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T... Grime Sessions photo 2 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T... Grime Sessions photo 3 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T... Grime Sessions photo 4 YGG w/ DJ Kirby T...

Yesss. We need World Domination 2.

by ji_ 2001 8 months ago

these lot are my favourite crew in grime, what a sick set! YGG always killing it on sets .. Kirby & Olos with the mad selections👏🏼💯

by Jordan Marshall 8 months ago

LoooooooooL My Guy with the Flying Wheel Up

by Dominic Caton 8 months ago

Saint P sounds better when he doesn't strain his voice as much. Sounding good here 👍

by Silen Circle 8 months ago

SAINT P! Man have been waiting for you bro! 😂 on a real though he needs to find the same kind of hunger that Pk got

by Danny Brown 8 months ago

i dont know how they do it, just make it look easy

by fruitb0y 8 months ago

"Moving pacey...Leon bailey" - Strally

by Akil Scott 7 months ago

Gash by the hour refix is mental! 😏

by Grim Head 8 months ago

When Saint P said "copyright that one", was that a shot at Yizzy, who walked in just before?

by Lee J 4 months ago

I was doing Monday Bun day, then it was Tuesday Zoot day!!! L Strally ukno!

by EclypseDubz 8 months ago

had me shaking my left toe stil

by 8Baby8Face 8 months ago

Strally took this one for me madness on mic

by TL YT 8 months ago

YGG’s grime sets get me gasssssed, got me in the gym wanting to take peoples head tops off

by sillywilly307 8 months ago

Screw face through the whole set.

by Akil Scott 8 months ago

This new setup is good. YGG's best set in a while too.

by Alex Popowski 5 months ago

anyone catch the yizzy diss after he walked in? Lol

by PyroJoe 8 months ago

Big up Kirby T on the selection

by Gokule 8 months ago

Saint! He's alive! Thank god

by cutts127 8 months ago

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