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Here's a complete guide on how to repair a leaking joint whether it wasn't soldered correctly or it just started leaking in time, this guide will assist you in repairing it the CORRECT way, not the quick-fix way :)
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How to solder the correct way: https://youtu.be/JyVbjDsric4
How to solder in a wall: https://youtu.be/xJodDBC5AwY
How to solder with water in pipe: https://youtu.be/lNUAX6mJTlA
Amazon affiliate links to all the products I used in this video.
TOOLS, Bernzomatic Torch: https://amzn.to/2RCvehp
IRWIN 10" Locking Pliers: https://amzn.to/2SuJSY3
Fitting Wire Brush 1/2": https://amzn.to/2BOlNVc
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Flux brushes: https://amzn.to/2T8ROBc
Utility knife: https://amzn.to/2U4dKKP
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MATERIALS, Lead-free solder: https://amzn.to/2EoqSFb
Propane gas(Blue bottle): https://amzn.to/2BOhnh7
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Tools and materials I used in this video:

IRWIN 10" Locking Pliers:
Fitting Wire Brush 1/2":
Fitting Wire Brush 3/4":
Flux brushes:
Utility knife:
Pencil reamer:

Lead-free solder:
Propane gas(Blue bottle):
Lead-free flux(water-soluble):
150 Grit Sandpaper:

by Got2Learn 6 months ago

Actually the soldering is weir but sometimes necesary usely many of the joints is by thermofussion so the pipes and jioint comes in PPR

by Jorge Antonio Serrano 1 day ago

You covered everything on how to fix this leak in short and interesting time, thank you!!!! I love how you explain things and the consequences of not following directions.

by Dean Azize 3 months ago

The best way is clean off all the flux of the pipe and the fitting doing it you will have no problem at all .

by David Aponte 4 months ago

When you grab the pipe with the grips first wrap a piece of rubber around the pipe - a bit of old bicycle inner tube is very handy for this - and then you will not score and scratch the pipe.

by glyn hodges 1 week ago

I’m going to start practicing soldering as I want to add some shut off valves to a small bathroom. Does the joint fail immediately or can it take months or years to fail if you don’t solder it correctly?

by Mission7608x2 2 months ago

Thanks. I've always wondered how you get that pipe that has been removed and is to big to fit back in to go in. The vice grips and banging seems like a great idea; though it did gouge the pipe pretty good.

by exodus21v20 6 months ago

I know I've viewed a few of his videos as I recognize his voice. Always learn or reminded of things every time. He makes youtube the success it is.

by J. Morrison 4 months ago

I'm working saudia Arbia coper fitting job

by Haroon Rashld 6 months ago

"If you did it right I guarantee it wont leak." ~ He's not wrong.

by Fred Jonson 4 months ago

Went to the school of hard knocks and made many mistakes. Thanks for your humble tutorial.

by Sma 556 1 day ago

either the previous plumber didn't properly prep the pipe by not sanding or fluxing it all the way or he got a hair from the brush in the joint...it's happened to me many times before with the brush hairs.the sanding or steel brushing causes scratches for the solder to seep into and hold.this is the second reason why doing so is critical..it doesn't clean 100%, that's what the flux paste cleans it 100%.also i love to use the paste with the pre -tin in it..you get a better bond with it and can see when the fitting is hot enough by watching the tin melt into a matte finish.

by Mike rosco 3 months ago

Well I am not a professional plumber but I like to say that I am doing a good job. Even if it is a new or a repair joint I always use the same method :
-clean both parts using grey or red scotchbrite
- brush Rothenberger soldering paste on both fitting and pipe
-heat up the joint and apply only a bit of solder
I let it cool down for a minute and then apply a wet rag.
The soldering paste is grey and when it heats up it starts looking like solder. This is the time when you should apply the solder.
I hope it helps.

by Adrian CV 4 months ago

Very helpful for upcoming professionals. Enjoyed watching the video! One thing I do is use a dry rag when whipping the hot
Soldier of the pipe makes it smooth and clean to get right back into the fitting

by Lennox Costales 6 months ago

One thing that I've found for cleaning the inside of the fitting after separating it is to use a honing tool with rough stones. A quick pass will leave the pipe smooth and round and make it much easier to re-insert the the pipe into the fitting. I did this for a friend about 20 years ago, still tight and dry.

by Carl Bruschnig, Jr 1 week ago

Also remember, old and dirty flux and oily fingerprints are real culprits too!! Plumb on😎

by Fred Grenz 2 months ago

I must have missed it but when you started hitting the locking pliers with the hammer,(),who or what was holding the torch?
Very seldom does a surface happen to be available for this to place a torch on,or have a 3rd arm.Wish I could grow a 3rd arm.

by Craig Judd 4 weeks ago

SO good of you to post these clips.
Really building my confidence to do the pipework at my father’s on Monday!
My Plumber let us down 😱
The kitchen fitter is coming on Tuesday for 5 days, so I am now going to have to:
- move the mains stopcock 2ft to the right
- move external tap pipe 3 ft to left (installing compression valve)
- extend cold water pipe feed to boiler - extend pipe 3 ft to right, install compression valve near mains stopcock
- move taps over 2 feet (install compression joints with hot/cold taps)
- install compression joints to the washing machine

Slightly over optimistic for a first attempt, but hey ho.🤞🏼

by OldRaver1 4 weeks ago

What happens when you get a fitting that wont solider! Everything cleaned sanded. Maybe the brass fitting bent?

by jar0m Palmers 3 weeks ago

Beautifully articulated. Valuable "crash course" in sweating copper!

by WmTyndale 4 months ago

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