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Shakira, Anuel AA - Me Gusta - singer reaction

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#Shakira #anuel aa reaction #shakira anuel aa me gusta #Anuel AA - Me Gusta #shakira anuel aa me gusta official video reaction #shakira me gusta reaction

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Sorry to insist with Camilo Sesto.😬
"Little" Summary of his career:
This great singer, composer, performancer, producer and musical arranger had 52 number ones and sell more than 175 million records, not including successfull records he wrote for others and 50 diamont records and so many awards I can't even resume here...
He wrote more than 600 songs, some of them in lenguages as German, English, Italian and Portuguese.
He performanced 6000 concerts around the world in 15 years (USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Italy, England, Germany, Japan, Holand and many others). In 1979 he reunited 40,000 people in the Madison Squared Garden, with 270 million TV viewers and repeated in the early '80s with two diary performaces 20 consecutive days, which was a record. In Las Vegas he performed again on 2011 were he recieved the award " Máximo orgullo hispano" and Nevada proclaimed May 28th as Camilo Sesto's day.
Wrote for many artists, like José José or Miguel Bosé.
Andrew Lloyd Weber said his adaption of Jesus Christ Superstar was the best one.
He retired in 1987 because a liver transplante and otther health issues but CAME back many years after that and tour again until 2017. In the last Grammys (January 27, 2020) he had his little tribute but not here, in Spain ¿¿¿??? That's why I beg you (I'm sure many people will aprecciatte it too) to react to more of his songs.
Thank you very much.
Here's "JAMÁS" LIVE:
Young Camilo Sesto "SOLO TÚ":
"Algo de mí"


He was the first artist who put lyrics to this adagio, "Adagio di Albinoni" when his father died. This is also live.

by Rosa Ángela Vilella 1 day ago

do old Shakira like Ciega Sordomuda & La Tortura & Estoy Aqui

by Storm Taylor 1 day ago

you need to listen to shakira's old music is much better...

by Rocío Contreras 1 day ago

Hi Frank, react to Shakira Live Performances like: Empire, poem to a horse, or Dude you like a Lady, cover of Aerosmith, are amazing. Shakira is more than this

by Dianicaro 2019 1 day ago

Frank please react to Shakira: Inevitable, Ciega Sordomuda, Antología, Te aviso Te anuncio (version Tango), La bicicleta

by Mcruzd 1 day ago

OK this is gonna be first time for me.
Maybe react to older Shakira stuff? Like "No" or even older like "Moscas en la casa" or I don't know, maybe Shakira fans will know what to recommnd. The point is, she used to do more quality stuff

by Michal Perach 1 day ago

I am old enough to recognize "a la la la la long"

by Michal Perach 1 day ago

You have to listen to the Chilean band LA LEY THE LAW

by Mané Incondicional 1 day ago

Hello Frank, please react to Estados Alterados with "El Velo" or "Seres de la noche", they were the first band to put a video on MTV Latino in 1991. They compose differente music and "La revista Alborde, consideró a su tema insignia "El Velo" en el puesto 390 de la lista de "500 canciones del Rock Iberoamericano". Maybe I can be a lonely voice between many suggests of mexican artists, but I think that you would like it.

by Ana Betancourth 1 day ago

Pleaseee react to Shakira’s oral fixation songs! I will like to know your point of view about them! ;) (Timor, something, hey you, etc)

by Juan Amadeo 1 day ago

Quiero tener el pelo como Shakira.. 🥺🥺🥺. The visual aspect of the video is beautiful. 🎶Alalala.long.long.li.long.long.long🎶
I don't consume regueton, so I can't say nothing about it.
What I can say, is that the video, makes me want to eat cake and travel😬🙃🤣

by Neatriz Areco 1 day ago

React to She-Wolf and Chantaje con Maluma. :). Thank you Frank.

by Magda Quiroz 1 day ago

Personalmente non mi piace il reggaeton o tanta manipolazione vocale elettronica, sento solo questo video per supportarti

by David Ruiz 1 day ago

Frank, vas de mal en peor con Shakira, busca en Spotify la cancion mas escuchada, o en You Tube el video mas visto, esta cancion es HORRIBLE. Besos reacciona a Luciano Pereyra porfa

by Silvia Sánchez 1 day ago

Es triste que una cantautora tan talentosa como lo fué Shakira en los 90's haya caído en lo comercial.

by Del hdez 1 day ago

Frank, gracias amigo por compartir excelente música internacional. Por cierto, tu español es muy bueno 😊👍

by Ulysses Bluesy 1 day ago

I did watched this video yesterday on trending page and when I watched I thought 💭 NO Me gusta this video Me gusta , but probably I will dance 💃🏻 just for the fun of it.
Isn’t reminiscing a like what they did on Rosalia’s video?! with old fashioned telephone ☎️ and wall colors ?! What do you think Frank?

by Carolina Urrutia 22 hours ago

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