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Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson II & Brian Auger - Don't Send Me No Flowers (1964) - Jazz Blues

A1 Don't Send Me No Flowers 00:00
A2 I See A Man Downstairs 06:30
A3 She Was So Dumb 10:36
A4 The Goat 15:42
B1 Walking 18:36
B2 Little Girl, How Old Are You 22:42
B3 It's A Bloody Life 26:48
B4 Getting Out Of Town 31:00
Bass โ€“ Ricky Brown (2)
Drums โ€“ Mickey Waller*
Guitar โ€“ Jimmy Page
Organ โ€“ Brian Auger
Producer โ€“ Giorgio Gomelsky
Saxophone โ€“ Alan Skidmore
Saxophone [Alto] โ€“ Joe Harriott
Vocals, Harmonica โ€“ Sonny Boy Williamson (2)
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Frank Cappa psych-marine photo 1 Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson... Frank Cappa psych-marine photo 2 Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson... Frank Cappa psych-marine photo 3 Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson... Frank Cappa psych-marine photo 4 Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson...

where the hell is everyone! This some of the best blues ever. If it's good enough for Page come on in.

by dcbad6244 3 years ago

This was recorded on January 29th 1965, per my research.

by jim basnight 2 years ago

1964 and to eternity I was lookin for this in record shops but no one told me, Please hear all the LP out You will have a good time, over and over

by Thomas Andersen 9 months ago

Oh I used to have this LP. Cant say where it is now but i loved it.

by dcbad6244 3 years ago

Super, Jimmy Page & Brian Auger teacher William Boyson's students!!

by Alex Marmol 10 months ago

juicy, sweet and smooth >>> a Smoothy !

by Rick Gill 3 years ago

without the analogy to good wine this album just gets better and more relevant with age

by chris binckes 1 year ago

Since I don't have a TV and donยดt know about Idol Here is a lately found rarity by my idol on harp, Doctor Sonny Boy, with good listening Brian Auger the lover of hammond. And Jimmy Page with good and none narcissitic guitar hero nasty behaviours. A short, very tiny, MASTERPIECE on harp . Ladies and gentlemen ? Sonny Boy Williamson. This time he was obviously in good company and way back in 1964. This must have been legendary in London, Why didn't anyone tell me? Maybe they watched Idol all their lives?

by Thomas Andersen 9 months ago

em tempos dos anos 60a 79 eu e meu amigo catedrรกtico do rock blues jazz . GILBERTO e eu nossa diversรฃo era passear no centro de sp na galeria do rock a procura de RARIDADES . deixou muitas saudade.

by Flavio Walter Ansaldi 3 years ago

In the Sixties Blues had no commercial value in the US. The British invaded and brought back the musical heritage,

by MrOpodeldok 2 years ago

How old are you? little girl? Old enough to feel star points. Well I focus on next gig walking on clouds, But I can't help I am a man. Somebody please hand me down. I am in my poetry I give it to you, That's who I am . LIme lights and fame, I just do what I know, But off limelights, off fame, off dead line, I am done and empty, I made it through recordings, and as Picasso said "You might think it took 3 minutes to record it or on stage 10-15 minutes to explore all an maybe not enough what I can do to a song But it took 50 years to know cutting edge, After performance I am empited feel "somebody reply to me" give me a parachute from the happiness I was in. Who could possibly consider shades of love?

by Thomas Andersen 9 months ago

What a mix! And this was before Jimmy was in the Yardbirds as producer. Didn't know Brian got to know some greats this early too :) Of course, the social circles were probably much tighter in the music field.

by Cook moore 2 years ago

Sonny Boy Williamson 2 passed away in May 1965 , were this record is 1968 three years later ???

by Daniel lumley 2 years ago

"those British boys want to play the blues real bad, and they do" Sonny Boy Williamson II
Kinda shows up heavy on this album, those British Boys while eager, had no concept of how to play the blues. But kudos to them for recognizing and paying amazing talent when it happened upon them.

by Dakota James 3 years ago

I woner why i can't smell a thing i can smell the flowers in my house but my buddies got all kinds of flowers but i can'tsmell them why is that i can go their and buddies got flowers all over the place but i can't smell them but then when Tippi has flowers in my house everyone smells them .Who ever wrote that song probably had good reason for Jimmy Page unless you lok him up in who's who 1963 and he's the fkn Chief of detectives in Blackpool same as his buddy Bonzo.Must be some sort of Dirty Fkn Mike.

by David Craig Stevens 3 years ago

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