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Trump says he took coronavirus test in press conference

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President Donald Trump and coronavirus task force team give updates on the disease in a White House briefing. #FoxNews
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Fox News photo 1 Trump says he took coronavirus... Fox News photo 2 Trump says he took coronavirus... Fox News photo 3 Trump says he took coronavirus... Fox News photo 4 Trump says he took coronavirus...

He's working himself to the bone. How many of these 20 years old complaining about him would be able to pull all nighters at 70 years old like that?

by Natural Hypertrophy 2 weeks ago

Is this a SNL production? The press makes it look like that

by Patty Rogers 2 weeks ago

The blinking lady behind him

by Donna Tate 2 weeks ago

Hand-shaking is a significant disease vector, true. But, there's something in the experience of handshaking that is desirable: the formation of a "connection" of some odd sort. I certainly avoid it, myself...hehehe

by Peter deWolf 2 weeks ago

He looks ridiculous in that cap!

by Rip Torn 2 weeks ago

the press are acting like the dodos from ice age.
"the melon the melon the melon!"

by Random frog 2 weeks ago

Seems like they all blink in sequence.

by White Stang 2 weeks ago

#45 looks tired and gets my respect for his leadership . It will be an honor to vote for President Trump one more time in November .

by Quantum Mechanic 2 weeks ago

Itโ€™s All Fun And Games When Agent Smith Says โ€œHumans Are The Virus!โ€

by Ariel Malsi Real 2 weeks ago

What about waiving the mortgage payments for a few months, POTUS?

by Agent J 2 weeks ago

I can protect myself from the Coronavirus no problem. Its the Media who makes me sick.

by KTTGHMTJWYCBLAC 2 weeks ago

Is anyone else noticing the blinking contest between the 2 women? Lol

by Crunchy Stingray 2 weeks ago

Is that sticky fingas in the backround ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Joe So Chill 2 weeks ago

Im starting to think the term "Fake News" needs to be edited to include "aggressive and manipulative"

by DrummerJacob 2 weeks ago

Mnuchin is the man, I wish they would cast him as Q in the James Bond movies

by Anthony Gentile 4 days ago

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