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The NBA missed Steph Curry. We've never had a guy like him — Nick Wright | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

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Nick Wright was thrilled to see the return of Steph Curry, who joined the Golden State Warriors after more than 4 months on the sideline due to a broken hand to take on the Toronto Raptors. Nick tells Ryan Hollins and Kevin Wildes why Steph is so important to the NBA, and why he's glad to see him back in the fold.
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About First Things First, Nick Wright, Kevin Wildes, and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
The NBA missed Steph Curry. We've never had a guy like him — Nick Wright | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First

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First Things First photo 1 The NBA missed Steph Curry.... First Things First photo 2 The NBA missed Steph Curry.... First Things First photo 3 The NBA missed Steph Curry.... First Things First photo 4 The NBA missed Steph Curry....

Nick’s obsession with hating Steph Curry and Kawhi Leonard is hilarious

by dave22226 3 weeks ago

Nick Wright did the impossible! He made Ryan Hollins look good at talking basketball and the voice of reason

by Dominic p 3 weeks ago

Stop inviting that new dude onto the show. His perspective is terrible on EVERYTHING.

by Miles Kelley 3 weeks ago

How did this devolve into a conversation about tanking? These people just reach for anything to criticize the warriors lol

by Ervin Ojukwu 3 weeks ago

Nick always sound so stupid when it comes to Steph n warriors... i saw lebron sit out at least the last 7 games when lakers realized they weren’t making the playoffs. Even if the warriors win the remainder of the games they still not making the playoffs so what’s the point? Get outta ur feelings nick

by Lee Mu Bai 3 weeks ago

Nick is just scared the Warriors will get James Wiseman and own the Rockets again moving forward lol.

by kingsley ivande 3 weeks ago

Nick was saying for weeks that steph shouldn't come back this season, now he wants him playing the whole game ? Wtf

by Eddie Everything 3 weeks ago

The Golden State Warriors will be back in full force next season with top pick, Thompson, Curry, Green, Paschall, Wiggins, Those who think its over for the Warriors are kidding themselves.

by craig roark 3 weeks ago

This dude acting like the Warriors invented tanking, or have tanked hella times. Gtfoh

by Khadafy Cain 3 weeks ago

Nick, you seriously have to do some self-inspection about this bias though. LeBron injured his groin last season and you had absolutely no problem with LeBron taking it easy for the rest of the season although they had a chance to make the playoffs. In fact, I think you criticized the young crew for being bad. This GSW crew isn't good, and they lost their key ppl to trades and serious injuries. I don't understand this criticism. Steph broke his hand, he even admitted relief after falling on it that it was alright - you play basketball with your hands lol A LOT. He still comes back after 50+ games and you complaining he didn't play more than 27 or whatever minutes? Are you serious? Giannis played the whole season and averages 31 or whatever minutes. This was his 1st game, what exactly would Steph be trying todo/ prove? That whole cast looks confused about where Nick was going with that argument - I am confused about what I just heard Nick spew. You can't hate the Warriors that much!!!! That's just jealousy now

by Gee it's me 3 weeks ago

Nick! The hate is strong in you.

by Polo J 3 weeks ago

Lol you know how nick looks when he has to talk about the warriors or Steph curry he gets irritated

by Tiger Hoods 3 weeks ago

When Ryan Hollins is the only one making a coherent point...

by Michael Liu 3 weeks ago

100 Bucks Stephen Curry muscles are sore right now. That’s why he needs rest

by Crypto Dwayne 3 weeks ago

Wtf Nick talking about? He getting more annoying everyday. They were a Dynasty and if they want to go easy on their superstar then they can do that. Klay isnt back. They aint doing anything. If they were in the race thats different but they are not at all.

by Noslen Aballi 3 weeks ago

This new guy watching and questioning everyone like a boss at an interview 😂😂

by James Hightower 3 weeks ago

I love how Nick tries to change the narrative when it comes to everyone except LeBron. The Lakers literally shut him down last season when they still had a chance at the 8th seed (smartly) and it helped them get the 4th pick and ultimately trade for AD. Stop acting like you care about this to mask your hate for Steph and the Warriors.

by Jordan Brown 3 weeks ago

I've never said this and I'm sure, as the day is long, I'll never say this again, but I actually agree with Ryan Hollis.

by DJ 3 weeks ago

From "Steph should not play this season" to "Steph played too less minutes"

by Ralf Oliver Tabing 3 weeks ago

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