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Ip Man di Wilson Yip - Cina contro Giappone

Far East Film photo 1 Ip Man di Wilson Yip... Far East Film photo 2 Ip Man di Wilson Yip... Far East Film photo 3 Ip Man di Wilson Yip... Far East Film photo 4 Ip Man di Wilson Yip...

Once Ip Man rolls those sleeves up, it's over.......

by Andrew Glass 11 months ago

Looking at the karate forms, its seems to embody the culture of its people: rigid, rule bound, and stubborn. I think it offer practical use but it lacks flow and open-ness.

Chinese martial arts proven to be nice to look at and most of them is probably not useful in real combat, however, i do believe if you take certain parts from different styles, you can form something useful for combat.

I believe Chinese martial arts has the creativity part down, however, i dont know if they practical.

by db 1 day ago

Ye Wen's stand-in is too obvious ...…………

by 拳不理 2 months ago

who after watching ip man 4 here?

by Kelvin Mok 3 months ago

When the master ip said, whatever came out of me I called it wing chun, oh it was a little manipulating

by Cassandra Oktavia 4 months ago

Good fight but best fight in the film was against the 10 black belts; Ip Man was angry!

by Shahjahan Alam 9 months ago

The best wing Chung DVD movie I have ever owned.

by Carl Parish 8 months ago

Once the flashbacks start playing it’s over lol

by ARod Rod 2 months ago

Lmao I need a massage like that

by Killer man 11 months ago

When a Wing Chun guy flips the sleeve to white that means death...a little facts for you guys.

by Brennan Hyung 4 months ago

The choreography is amazing, Donnie Yen is such a great martial artist.

by Wildan Karim 3 months ago

I love how ip man rolls his sleeves up to kick ass

by Bob Anderson 7 months ago

Ip upstaged him from the start of the fight to the end. Even when the general got in a hit, it looked like it was only done so luckily. Ip Man is the goat

by Karim Amin 3 months ago

No wonder Bruce had such fast hands. He learned it from his master ip man.

by md abdullah 5 months ago

The emotional weight this movie had was so much that this fight gave me goosebumps all the way

by Santosh 3 months ago

When the sleeves are folded back you are going down.

by Steven H 3 months ago

why does donnie yen make such amazing ass movies?

by M Chaney 7 months ago

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