In 1994 Advanced Communication Solutions Ltd. was established as a dedicated hearing conservation company with a mission to supply, develop and manufacture products that protect the hearing of people whose livelihoods depend on working in dangerously high sound levels. Over time, ACS has formed partnerships with other world leaders from the field of hearing conservation and has developed cutting edge products that have helped people all around the globe to safe guard their hearing and improve their communication abilities when confronted with noise. With a professional background in Audiology and a team of dedicated, highly trained and skilled technicians, ACS has become the chosen company of many thousands of people who want to work safely in noise.

ACS provides viable hearing protection and communication products that are designed to help you enjoy sound safely. Our background in helping musicians led us to develop the world's first commercially available soft silicone in-ear monitor. We know about sound and we know that conventional hearing protection product often disappoint. With our 'does what it says on the tin' philosophy, ACS products are now widely recognised by Music Industry leaders, Corporate clients and Government bodies alike for their excellent sound quality, comfort, reliability and protective capabilities.

ACS, pleased to remain independent and guided by a desire for excellence, continues to improve in terms of product development while offering an enviable level of personal service that remains today as one of the company's core values. Recognised worldwide, we have an extensive, loyal and satisfied client list.

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