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A bad day for the Blues at Stamford Bridge, as Chelsea took all three points from a clash of two teams seeking European football next term. Carlo Ancelotti's return to his former club didn't go as planned, with Dominic Calvert-Lewin narrowly missing Everton's best chance, but in truth Frank Lampard's side were the better team and won thanks to goals from Mason Mount, Pedro, Willian and Olivier Giroud.
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Everton Football Club photo 1 CHELSEA 4-0 EVERTON | PREMIER... Everton Football Club photo 2 CHELSEA 4-0 EVERTON | PREMIER... Everton Football Club photo 3 CHELSEA 4-0 EVERTON | PREMIER... Everton Football Club photo 4 CHELSEA 4-0 EVERTON | PREMIER...

Shocking result. Ancelotti himself seemed shocked too

by Geedicarl 2 weeks ago

Shortest highlights I’ve seen, we played absolutely shocking

by chloe Mcnulty 2 weeks ago

congrats to all who played today in convincing Ancelotti to sign new players

by Pete G 2 weeks ago

Terrible performance, could hardly watch

by Max Convery 2 weeks ago

Oof. Some cracking finishing from Chelsea tho. Fair play to them.

by Jo Pearson 2 weeks ago

If weve lost against injury-ridden Chelsea, imagine the scenes at the derby next week...

by THEFLYINGLEMUR39 2 weeks ago

We can bounce back from this coyb💙💙💙💙 in Ancelotti we trust💙💙💙

by 3 Michelin Stars 2 weeks ago

Oh my everton😢😢😢

by 이은준 2 weeks ago

Honestly whats the point in even uploading this.

by Jp1878 2 weeks ago

How did we lose 4 nil

by EFC 2 weeks ago

Have faith in Carlo. He'll see us right.

by Shane Wright 2 weeks ago

Everton played one of the strangest game ive ever seen. As if they didnt know they had to put the ball into the net, on the other side, even when behind.

by Harold Dottin 2 weeks ago

Ancelotti should've gone 4-4-2 with Mina, Iwobi, and Walcott instead of Holgate, Gomes, and Bernard..

Defense: Digne, Mina, Keane, Sidibe
Mid: Iwobi, Sigurdsson, Davis, Walcott
Fwd: Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin/Kean

Gomes and Bernard is weak.. And Holgate lacks experience and power..

by Gabe 2 weeks ago

Shouldnt of even uploaded it tbh

by KP Montage 2 weeks ago

Davis , Keane , OMG OUT OUT OUT

by A Geary 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the short highlights saved me mb.

by Jay Cee 2 weeks ago

How to throw up

Just watch evertons performance

by Frank Heraty 2 weeks ago

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