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Lena - Satellite (Germany)

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Powered by http://www.eurovision.tv Lena will represent Germany with the song Satellite at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo (Norway), taking place on the 25th, 27th and 29th of May.

#Eurovision #Lena_Meyer_Landrut #Germany #Norway #Oslo #Eurovision_Song_Contest #Satellite #Song

Eurovision Song Contest photo 1 Lena - Satellite (Germany) Eurovision Song Contest photo 2 Lena - Satellite (Germany) Eurovision Song Contest photo 3 Lena - Satellite (Germany) Eurovision Song Contest photo 4 Lena - Satellite (Germany)

Кто после клипа литл биг решил посмотреть самые популярные песни ставь лайк.
Ps. Мама Я популярен

by Денис Денисов 3 weeks ago

Germans in 2010: "Europe hates us, no one will vote for us, we'll never win" Lena: "Halte mein bier"

by Stephen Muckle 5 months ago

A German girl singing in English, with a British accent. I fucking love it! Her voice is lovely.

by ELSA BATISTA 3 years ago

Теперь тут обитают русские)
теневое клонирование
*теперь твоя очередь

by Ulus Zhamash 2 weeks ago

She even painted her toenails for you, even that, imagine, wow...

by Шумадинац 10 months ago

Какая же она милая и красивая💖😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

by Вадим Поляков 2 weeks ago

maNga : no matter what they say
Lena : ağğğ lağ lağ

by Emir Mercan 5 months ago

Not really sure what this songs all about, but i think she is into a guy named olaf or something..

by Alexander Müller 5 months ago

Krass wie sie sich verändert hat in diesen 9 Jahren !

by drip maschine 11 months ago

it's been around 10 years since i last heard this and today it decides to randomly pop into my head while i was brushing my teeth. brains are strange man

by wrappedupinfumes ́ 1 month ago

Anyone else thinks she looks a little like ICarly?😂

by Yael D. Komornik 1 year ago

2019: Hey, let’s recommend this to the users

by I am something 10 months ago

Nach dem drittletzten Platz und dem 0-Punkte-Schock der Europäer erstmal hier abreagieren

by Marc Schaffner 10 months ago

maNga: we could be the same no matter what they say

Lena: I bought new underwear light blue

by Betul Er 2 months ago

Cutter: "Lena, how many cuts do you want?"
Lena: "All"

by Speed Bido 5 months ago

Manga nasıl birinci olamadı ya yıl 2019 oldu ben hala bunu sorguluyorum

by Gamze N 10 months ago

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