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Jungle Jail - ESMA 2007

#combat #metiers #short #crazy #Film & Animation
Un jeune détenu débarque dans une prison loufoque où tout peut arriver. Plus petit et chétif que les autres, il devient rapidement le bouc émissaire de toute la prison. Jusqu'au jour ou tout bascule, il se retrouve alors propulsé au sommet de la hiérarchie carcérale!.
A young prisoner comes into a crazy jail where everything can happen. Punier and smaller than others he becomes the scapegoat of everybody. Until the day when everything changes … he starts to be the big boss of the jail!
Réalisateurs : Mathieu ARNOUX,Hugo CIERSNIAK, bruce NGUYEN VAN LAN, Aymeric PALERMO.
Son : José VICENTE - Studio des aviateurs.
Musique: Brett CALDAS LIMA,Olivier RAKOTA.
Production : ESMA
www.esma-artistique.com & www.esma-3D.com
© ESMA - Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques

#détenu #battle #blender #court #scapegoat #fx #jungle #3d #fight #film #metrage #jungle jail #emissaire #bouc #chétif #émissaire #vfx #prison #3D #artistiques #boss #prisoner #cgi #jail #superieure #movie #animation #ecole #big #petit #esma-movie #cg #chauve #inmate #animated #esma

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anyone else notice the guard coming out of the cell zipping his pants?

by FIRST LAST 5 years ago

me on my first day of prison after testifying against the clintons

by Osmium 3 months ago

Overprotective Mother's when their child takes 1 step outside

by Team Toby 05 3 months ago

me when someone touched my leg

by Tough Guy 2 months ago

teachers when their worst student has bad grades
when they realise that the grade doesn't count

by LordFrog 2 months ago

Lvl 1 Crook
Lvl 100 Boss

That's how mafia works

by -mene bostalha 8 months ago

level 1 crook
level 5 hitman
I’m a make you pump like that
Level 100 BOSS
: Level 1000 GOD


by みなTrisha lovey 2 months ago

I don't even know what I'm watching anymore.

by Rilakkuma :3 3 months ago

Me walking out of the White House with Obama’s YouTube password

by Izzy 5 months ago

Rare footage of an american schools locker room
(Colorised) (2019) (4K)

by wasimodoone1 5 months ago

Moral lesson: Never go to jail when you have a skinny body

by Old Blender 2 years ago

Me when my parents know the exam results

by Dont Ban Zoe 2 months ago

40 year old mom's when it's black Friday

by Team Toby 05 3 months ago


Still nobody:

Jungle jail: Well everybody's the school bully apart from you

by Foxwork 5 months ago

Public schools be like:

by d a n i 5 months ago

I thought the paper airplane was gonna hit someone...

by Fred B 5 months ago

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