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How to make Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

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Want to see more popular snacks made from scratch?
Ingredients you'll need.
- Milk Chocolate
-180 gr Peanut Butter
- 50 gr Butter( softened)
- 75 gr Powdered Sugar
Ingredients in cups.
- Milk Chocolate
- 3/4 cups Peanut Butter
- 3 1/2 tablespoons Butter ( softened)
- 2/3 cups Powdered Sugar
Enjoy! :D

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Getting Reese's in Czech republic is very hard and also expensive, so I am very grateful for this tutorial: it's easy and it looks delicious! Thanks a bunch <3

by Subject#13 2 years ago

I was craving peanut butter cups this week and we don't have these in Italy! So I decided to make them at home. Love these!
What was your favorite childhood candy? :)

by Emma's Goodies 3 years ago

This is insane 😂 I never would have thought it was this easy to make ❤️ Great video Emma!!

by Amber Riley 2 years ago

This is awesome I was eating reeses cups while watching this

by Lea Clark 3 years ago

my favorite food on earth...

by Tom Cote 3 years ago

Omg how amazingly delicous looking. Mouthwatering and smooth. The recipe was great too ;)

by JOSHUA Montoya 1 year ago

never realized that they were that easy to make! definitely making some this weekend

by ShredMaster2010 3 years ago

The first video I've ever watched of you. I was home alone with my baby brother, craving Reese's since they're hard to get in Amsterdam. Then I found this video and I've been a loyal subscriber ever since! 💘

by Bee Knows Best 3 years ago

I'm a offended you said you wouldn't want to buy a store reesie cup

by Sickening 3 years ago

where are the directions on making these? just curious to know, and also could I sift the powdered sugar

by Andy Leal 1 year ago

Thanks so much for putting the measurements in grams! Everyone else always writes them down in cups and it’s so hard to understand 😩 I’m going to try these right now by the way 😍😏

by Krisioii 1 year ago

So are you taking orders to ship them out? If so put me down for a baker's dozen please!

by F.B. Jeffers0n 3 years ago

Ok so I know what I'm making this weekend lol and if you can figure out PB m&ms I will love you forever. That's my favorite candy ;)

by Carol Flythe 3 years ago

How is this so easy to make?? 😨 I'm definitely making them. Usually what you see in stores taste better than the original when you make them yourself

by Ala 3 years ago

You sure know how to make hit after hit after hit recipes Emma!! I have not yet tasted peanut butter cups... but I really need to! :-D

by One Kitchen - A Thousand Ideas 3 years ago

I'm on a low salt diet, so I'm going to try and make saltless peanut butter before hand. So I can eat my favorite snack again...thank you for the recipe...

by Aspiepunk Heather Lewis 2 years ago

thanks this is so helpful I have been trying so hard to find out how to make my mom Reese's for her birthday and thanks to you I finally can I hope you enjoyed those after you made them

by Bridgette Hotchkiss 1 year ago

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