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Eminem - Venom

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Listen to Venom (Music From The Motion Picture), out now: http://smarturl.it/EminemVenom
Dir: Rich Lee
Producer: Justin Diener & Kathy Angstadt
Production Company: Drive Studios
Director of Photography: Christopher Probst
Production Designer: Charles Infante
Music video by Eminem performing Venom. © 2018 Aftermath Records

EminemVEVO photo 1 Eminem - Venom EminemVEVO photo 2 Eminem - Venom EminemVEVO photo 3 Eminem - Venom EminemVEVO photo 4 Eminem - Venom

Sometimes i pause Eminem songs

So that he can breathe..

by Ayush Dwivedi 2 months ago

The Coronavirus is just a rip off of the Venom touch.
Edit: This is only a joke dont take it seriously

by JohnnyV 2 weeks ago

This is basically showing us how easily the corona virus is spreaded

by Yahir Carpio_12 6 days ago

Eminem: Venom, I got that andrenaline momentum

Me: Venom, Venom, Venoom, Venom, venom venom

by Fισωing ωαтєя益 1 week ago

No half naked women, no bling bling, just pure hardcore rap.

by Michael Fiorillo 3 days ago

Eminem was getting us prepared for the coronavirus.

by Asia Stephens 3 weeks ago

2009: the cheese touch
2018: the venom touch
2020: the coronavirus touch

by scrumpeh_ 1 week ago

When you realize Venom keeps on changing bodies because of lack of oxygen

by Edzio Evan 2 weeks ago


Coronavirus: I said, KNOCK KNOCK leT Da dEviL IN

by sebyk498 1 week ago

Nick Cannon: Starts dissing

Eminem: “This guy’s a gangster? His name is Clarence”

by Zackabo 1 week ago

Eminem dropped Venom
Post Malone dropped Spiderman
Kendrick dropped Black Panther
Thanos dropped Gamora
And Black Widow dropped herself

What a time to be alive

by The Welfare Donkey 10 months ago

Dad: turn that off
Me: why?
Dad: we have bigger speakers downstairs.

by Martinez Raccoonman 1 week ago

Who is better?

Eminem - Like
Lil Pump,Drake and others- Comment

by F -16 1 week ago

Now that Stan Lee is gone, Eminem should do all the cameos for whenever Venom is in a movie.

by Supercharge xD 2 weeks ago

It's crazy how he dropped this last year and we still commenting and watching

by Ozzie Davis 3 days ago

Me: Came here to comment about the Corona virus.
Whole Comment Section: Surprise Mathafaka.

by Soad 2 weeks ago

Eminem: Rapgod
Mom: Slap god
Usain Bolt: Lap god
Dora: Map god
Thanos: Snap god
Me: Napgod
My friend:Fapgod

by Ragi Majesh 1 week ago

When he says pale skin the ‘venom’ is on a black man

by Roland Woodward 4 days ago

Coronavirus: let's get Eminem

Eminems lungs: we are robotic

by Cold Winterツ 1 week ago

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