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Elisa - "Rock your soul" [ Official Videoclip ]

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"Rock your soul" is one of the most popular and appreciated Elisa songs around the world. You can find it in the album "Dancing".
This viral video is a way to thank all the people who attended Elisa's first USA / Canada tour between October and November 2008..
You're the ones who made this experience so special and this video is for you!.
Please feel free to embed the video in your websites / blogs / social networks channels, etc.
We're eager to hear your comments!
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#rock #your #soul

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ps: We Cathar's are not the Vatican. Do as you will, but harm none!

by acerb45666555 7 years ago

Footenote: This song could make a nice Nasheed! = Song to god! = "I Wanna be one with you"! ....Elisa may score point's among Sufi's for sure!

by acerb45666555 7 years ago


by savio panepinto 6 years ago

Awesome song, reminds me a lot of someone who is now living in Italy and I just figured out Elisa is actually from there.

by Jose Hernรกndez S.C. 7 years ago

I, as a European, cannot understand that this singer is not extremely popular in Europa and the rest of the world. I have all here songs and almost every song is good or great.

by ChrischrosBelgium 7 years ago

Beautiful song sung by a beautiful voice.

by 13Luckyvic 6 years ago

Once again, as always with your songs, I have no words. _(*-*)_ *+*Special being Simple*+*

by Alessio Icardi 10 years ago

I remember dancing to this when I first joined the drill team when I was 15. The captain choreographed it special so we would see performing the way she did. I'm so glad I found it after all these years, it was my favorite performance.

by happybunnyntx 3 years ago

Suggestioni magiche...fantastica!

by papierotta 7 years ago

amazing italian Voice....

by Romy Boo 9 years ago

semplicemente FANTASTICA... !! Sei un genio della musica, non smetterรฒ mai di pensarlo... ... EmoZiOni UniChE.... UNICHE...

by Painkappa 10 years ago

Viral video my arse, this clip is awesome. Great editing, great special effects, great theme. Make this an official video! Well done everyone who was involved, you did a splendid job :)

by KymmieT 10 years ago

memories memories memories...so many beautiful memories!! Elisa you totally did rock our soul! thank you

by elisadelz 10 years ago

I love you daddy! Lets take a bow to Rihanna the singer and bless her in her new career.

by Emmanuel Beltran 4 years ago

La mia Eli.......... !!! 11 Novembre, arriverai anche te!!! <3

by E ElisaY 4 years ago

What memories it brings back!

by LabDaddy59 10 years ago

this is my favourite song of hers! she's divine

by singer983 10 years ago

Well, I just don't care for religion, but I wanted to tell you something about this song. She wrote this song for her father. Some think God is a sorta "father"... So, lato sensu, your interpretation can be, some ways, right! :-P

by The Boundless Emptiness 7 years ago

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