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Sons of Korah Psalms 51 A Broken Spirit and Contrite Heart

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Great song by a great group! Visit them at www.sonsofkorah.com and buy their stuff. Get to know me better at www.EdthePastor.blogspot.com . New songs released regularly. Make requests below for your favorit Sons of Korah songs.

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I've sinned for so long. I feel unclean. I turned my back on God all those years ago. I see the evil in this world and I've had enough of it. I am sorry and i seek forgiveness.

by I am 5 months ago

The Best.. only a Believer would understand this...

by Fidel Linares 3 years ago

'The Lord will never despice a broken spirit and a contrite heart.'

Those words hits me every time.

by Koen Mulder 3 months ago

Finally, Christian music that doesn't suck
What I mean is, 90% of what I hear on the big commercial stations lacks....ahem... passion
Its become commercialized to the point that everyone sounds alike
THIS is something special and I do indeed thank God for Sons of Korah

by James Brousseau 1 year ago

the best song ever made. thank you Lord for giving this. I sang this every day.

by D Foxy 3 years ago

Perfect for the time of Yom Kippur beautiful

by totiux1 1 year ago

I Love the songs of scriptures. There is a blessing on it.

by Frey tek 1 year ago

Thanks Guys keep singing his word prophetic for the end my 7 year old girl listens to your cd every night without fail her favorite song is Rise up Judge of the earth she always sleeps well praise God

by JJ RECYCLING show 1 year ago

Just love this song..

by Peanut 1 year ago

pray for me, i want to do a picknick with my brother and sisters. Need prayer for that

by Hendrik IJzerman 2 years ago

How beautiful . I cried when i heard this . How right .And so true . The Lord will never despise a broken spirit and contrite heart as i know mine is . I love You with all my heart. and all my soul and all my mind and all my strength my Beautiful Lord .๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘Œ

by Lana G 6 days ago

All sins are forgiven by God through the finished work of the Cross. Jesus overcame sin. If we believe in what Jesus did at Calvary when he was crucified with all our sins nailed to his Cross, died for all our sins, buried and resurrected on the 3rd day we will receive salvation with the seal of the Holy Spirit and become a member of the Body of Christ as per St Paul's Gospel. We need to put our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and what he did for us and nothing else.

by Clare Daniels 3 weeks ago

Psalm 91 is my most favorite.

by anne Chung 2 years ago

Sincere pure honest and lovely. Have mercy on me Lord, have mercy. Create in me a NEW heart O'God and RENEW a right spirit within me. I am so sick of myself due to my sin. Dont forsake me O'God......please dont abandon me for I recognize my sin and my transgression is always before me.

by Miguelangel Macias 2 days ago

โœ๐Ÿ”ฅ Hallelujah ๐Ÿ”ฅโœ
๐Ÿ”ฅAmen ๐Ÿ”ฅ

by Mae M 11 months ago

fill us with your word, and seal your word in our hearth,amen

by john lee 1 day ago


by Mae M 4 weeks ago

Open up my lips and I will declare your praise O Lord...wow!!

by Lemmy Payet 6 months ago

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