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Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People (feat. Khalid) [Official Lyric Video]

Ed Sheeran photo 1 Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People... Ed Sheeran photo 2 Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People... Ed Sheeran photo 3 Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People... Ed Sheeran photo 4 Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People...

When he says "beautiful people" he actually refers to all the fake, greedy people who always look flawless and happy...but the reality is another story 😌
He doesn't really talk about looks...

by κατ κατ 9 months ago

Ed is a outstanding lyricist.
The phrase "beautiful people" is an irony.
The word beautiful has lost it's meaning.
This song is like a mirror reflecting the current state of the society.
A society where you are judged only on the basis of your lifestyle, a place full of hotshots eager for attention and pride.
The protagonists are exceptional people, even though they've got sufficient fortune,they like to be rooted to the ground i.e they prefer
a simple and happy life full of true love and self care.They are completely opposite to the others who like to live a life driven by societies vision of a cool and happening lifestyle even if it means to compromise feelings like that of love and simplicity.
Hats off to Ed and his team and KHALID,who gave the true vibes and emotion to the song.

by HJ 39 5 months ago

I feel like Ed just doesn’t like parties...

by Tanaka Eun-kai 5 months ago

Hey u,
Yes u,

U r such a hard working and killin'-it person. Hope u have a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat day.

by Sherlock Holmes? 3 months ago

Beat: Has a very refreshing and upbeat melody
Lyrics: Literally speaking about how empty and hopeless our generation has become

by Elequite 9 months ago

Who still listening in the midst of this "pandemic"😁👍🏾

by Q Gilmore 4 days ago

Someone: Calls Ed beautiful
Ed Sheeran: " NO--- "

by Blue Cloud 3 months ago

I love the message of this song. Makes me feel that I'm fine the way I am -- not one of the "beautiful people" Ed refers.

by mymidgetbae 6 months ago

sees title

Me: jokingly Is this song about me ahaha
Ed: We’re not beautiful.

Me: wow ok guess it is

by Doctor Disney 9 months ago

Ed sheeran was bullied when he was young.
Maybe that's why he hates all these parties, surrounded by people. TvT

by Tony K 4 months ago

I like the part where Ed sings “that’s not who we are”

by beeski 4 months ago

“Surrounded but still feel alone
Aren’t we all feel that way sometimes?

by 11 marselina 2 months ago

Lovely: Billie and 'Khalid'
Beautiful people: Ed and 'Khalid'
Youth: Shawn and 'Khalid'.

Khalid is awesome!!!

by Mithu Kundu 4 days ago

Champagne and rolled up notes, Prenups and broken homes..


by Everyday TV 9 months ago

Singer: that’s not who we are, we are not beautiful!
Ppl arguing with him: We are!we are! We are!
Singer : we are not beautiful

by Musicality OnDisplay 2 months ago

“Surrounded but still alone” ———-FELT THAT

by be-YOU- tiful 3 months ago

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