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Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market Has a Legendary Filipino Food Stall — Halo Halo

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On this week's episode of Halo Halo, Francesca tries salmon sinigang in a grocery/eatery that uses fresh fish from across the street at Pike Place Market..
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Eater photo 1 Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market... Eater photo 2 Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market... Eater photo 3 Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market... Eater photo 4 Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market...

That fried salmon collar changed me for the better. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk, and hope y'all make it out to Seattle one day soon!

by Francesca Manto 1 year ago

Whe she said "joseph", i thought i was gonna see jokoy.

Edit:Thanks for the likes, good to see many enjoy JoKoy's performances. RICE IS RICE! 😂😂😂

by Ta aD 1 year ago

Filipino cuisine is seriously underrated but it is stuff like this and people like francesca and her insightful knowledge of the culture that will help give Filipino food the a bigger audience.

by Roentgen8 1 year ago

"the fish boy sharpened it for me" lol 😂

by Zen Yorkfield 1 year ago

You know sinigang is amazing when people are debating if it should be the filipino national dish instead of the adobo

by Daniel Galang 1 year ago

I just ate here last week on mu lunch break. Atey lei calls me Tisoy. I have no clue what it means. Haha. I gotta say, the soup broth is hameyzing.

by Jakeylicious7891 1 year ago

“Good morning, Josep.” -Jokoy😂✌️

by M. H. 2 months ago

Lola Mila is a mood! "Cooking is not my type but eating is my type."

by GabzLife 1 year ago

I live in Seattle and didn’t know about this gem! I need to try this!

by sneekypanda 1 year ago

Foreigners usually dont like Sinigang bcoz of the sour taste.. But for me its the best, especially Sinigang na baboy. Next is Sisig ❤️.. Well thats me. My own opinion. 👌

by Jeong Oppa 1 year ago

I love the Filipino Carinderia vibes of their place! Feels like you're home.

by Scott Summers 5 months ago

I just tried sinigang not too long ago. It was so flavorful and really delicious 😋 now I have to learn how to make more filipino foods.

by Casper the not so friendly ghost 1 year ago

Aw why post this video when they’ve just closed for like 2 months for now as they go do their annual Philippines trip!?

by geehahaha 1 year ago

My mouth is watering over the sinigang, the longganisa and the fried salmon! oh my gosh I need my Filipino food fix asap!

P.S that lola was so stylish though!

by Mystearicia 1 year ago

She said “jo-Sef”... I was like yesssss Jokoy! Lol. Salmon collar bone is the best. They call it salmon Kama at Japanese restaurants 😋 her sinigang and fried collar bone looks so good! Now I want to make sinigang . Sarap! Please showcase more Filipino cuisine .

by Ivys Kitchen 1 year ago

Salmon collar is the bomb. I wish more grocery stores and restaurants offered it.

by Eric Pratt 1 year ago

Even Andrew Zimmern went there to eat sinigang 😋😋

by Storm 1 year ago

We fry the salmon collar or belly and eat it with the sinigang sa miso.

by Jan Michael Santos 1 year ago

Next time I'm in Seattle, I'll have to pop my filipino food cherry and try this place.

by Erica Tarasoff 1 year ago

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