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6 Minutes of Drake Trolling/Trash Talking NBA Players | Featuring Stephen Curry, LeBron, Giannis

Easy Swish Sniper photo 1 6 Minutes of Drake Trolling/Trash... Easy Swish Sniper photo 2 6 Minutes of Drake Trolling/Trash... Easy Swish Sniper photo 3 6 Minutes of Drake Trolling/Trash... Easy Swish Sniper photo 4 6 Minutes of Drake Trolling/Trash...

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by Easy Swish Sniper 3 weeks ago

He looks like a guy who runs his mouth, but actually never had a fight.

by Unknown User 3 weeks ago

Player from the 80’s or 90’s probably would’ve broke his damn jaw lol

by Derick Mcfail 3 weeks ago

A player Has to “accidentally” throw a ball in his face at one of these games

by Andrade Brito 3 weeks ago

He looks like that annoying kid who always tries to start fights

by Dr. Pancakes 2 weeks ago

His mouth is big he lucky those nba players are calm n chill if it was metta he would knock his face out already🤣🤣🤣

by Winston Chan 4 weeks ago

i would love to see him get blasted in the face by players

by Ards scification 4 weeks ago

Imagine being a fan of his music and he does this to u at ur game

by Bean Squad 4 days ago

bruh why is he out here acting like he’s the coach or something

by jori 837 2 weeks ago

He looks like one of those guys that thinks he so cool that he can do whatever he wants, and he talks trash when he is probably trash himself

by Mini Man 1 week ago

i feel like kicking his ass whenever he tries to disrespect any team or player

by Random Person 4 weeks ago

People take this stuff way to seriously. Honestly it brings fun to the game and y’all acting like we in World War Two

by Nolan Vangorden 2 weeks ago

got me weak

by Jay1k 2 weeks ago

Imagine preparing to shoot a free throw, but hundreds of people are in your peripheral rapidly waving plastic white sticks

by Billy 1 week ago

DRAKE IS SO IRRITATING AT THE GAMES. He's there to be a meme whilst someone is writing his best songs for him

by Grammar Police - 4 weeks ago

They should put drake on nba 2k and celebrities on the all star game

by RSS lol 3 weeks ago

This comment section be full of drake haters 😂😂

by bruhwhatumean 1 week ago

y’all are too pressed drake is cool with them off the court he’s just playing around geesh 😂

by kayewop • 1 week ago

Imagine him doing this in front of Rodman, Ewing, Olajuwon, Larry Johnson, Karl Malone, Ben Wallace 😂

by Bojan Milijanovic 3 days ago

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