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Pet Detective Movie Starring / Leo O'brien from The Last Dragon

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Cbs T. V movie Starring my Uncle Leo from the Last Dragon. This T.v Movie was the inspiration for Jim Carry's Ace Ventura Pet Detective

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Dragon -Mike T.v photo 1 Pet Detective Movie Starring /... Dragon -Mike T.v photo 2 Pet Detective Movie Starring /... Dragon -Mike T.v photo 3 Pet Detective Movie Starring /... Dragon -Mike T.v photo 4 Pet Detective Movie Starring /...

this Dirkham Pet Detective Agency was real good you can see how much fun your Uncle had doing this T.V. movie special SIGH the 80's greatest era 4 movies! oh p.s. the guy you said that played in Harlem Nights the actor is Stan Shaw before that he played as W.E. Palmer in the powerful TV Series in the 70's calledย ROOTS

by blacksultan85 10 months ago

If he's your uncle, you should know his name is not Grand master Gee, from the Sugarhill Gang, It's Master Gee from the Sugarhill gang..

by Doriann Dawkins 1 year ago

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