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VW GOLF R - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

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How do you make the iconic VW Golf better? Well, Volkswagen thought it would be a cool idea to take the hatchback and give it a little thing called ALL WHEEL DRIVE!.
UTS Group B, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vxv-A...
Big thanks to all of the following YT channels for contributing footage!
Milo mastermilo82
Simon VeeDubRacing
Jonas VWHome
Dan R32Danny
Ventsislav hirudov
The Schmidtmotorsport Team Schmidtmotorsport
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Donut should make a "We never got'em here" shirt and only sell them to customers in North America. We can band together in our misery of not getting the cool cars

by Elimentus 6 months ago

Nothing better than hearing your 3 yr old daughter saying "MO POWA BABEEEE!!"

by Maxxwell T Levene 6 months ago

Didn't James just have a heart attack? He should't be drinking any kind of energy drink

by Jake Peters 3 months ago

“MK stands for Mark”


by Phil 6 months ago

YES YES YES!! Having a Golf R and a R32 is a perfect combo! :)

by HumbleMechanic 6 months ago

James, you are a treasure. Never change. Unless you want to, that's cool too.

by Michael Jasper 6 months ago

you missed the MK3 2.9 VR6 Syncro with 190HP (the FWD version was a 2.8 with 174HP)

by maY 6 months ago

My driving school has a Golf R for some reason.

by okimy 5 months ago

"Painting with James" would be a great show. I would watch it, because for once James look calm. Lol

Lightning should be the first thing for the episode

So James's Dad lives across the Atlantic Ocean?

by The Ike 6 months ago


by Marvi 6 months ago

Before: Pre-Malone
During: Malone
After: Post-Malone
Credits: chillmarky - for the original joke that inspired this

by ForgedCarbon 6 months ago

that R400 is all i've ever wanted in my life.

by Steve Kemper 5 months ago

lol how do you guys think of this stuff!

by TexasRigged 6 months ago

I thought he was going to paint a gti on the mountains. 😩

by At 4rings2envy 6 months ago

I’m watching this at 12 am, and I’m going to wake up everyone in my house by laughing so hard 😂

by Hennerz Sanchez 5 months ago

I added this to my favorites😁
and it had a little thing called a *Schuuper_Charger On It😳 Can I Get A MO POWA BAYBAY!!!🤣
Now I want to get a Golf R & Twin charge it for some MoPowa Baybay😅

by Yahbulani צ'ארלס 3 weeks ago

Up to speed on 5 cylinder engines please

It's ashame vw restricts there cars so much for example the turbo muffler

by Monty 6 months ago

i love my mk4 golf except the check engine light always being on

by Fredric Mccub 6 months ago

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