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Sober Convos 3: Jobs & Restaurants

Domics photo 1 Sober Convos 3: Jobs &... Domics photo 2 Sober Convos 3: Jobs &... Domics photo 3 Sober Convos 3: Jobs &... Domics photo 4 Sober Convos 3: Jobs &...

Domics: isnโ€™t sponsored by CrunchyRoll, Audible or NordVPN
Everyone: excuse me but what the frick frack tic tac

by Fabulous Doggo 1 month ago

Therapist: Don't worry, caveman Domics isn't real. He can't hurt you.

Caveman Domics;

by Antona Shallo 1 month ago

โ€œItโ€™s just a guy with a gunโ€

Me: indeed, a tool of destruction.

by Random Boy 1 month ago

Guys Dom is 30 this year. 30. ๐Ÿคฏ

Anyone remember his time waster vid saying he was 26? Time flies man

by Stephen 1 month ago

Anyone remember when this was called hypotheticals

by Uncle Drew11 1 month ago

I love how it looks and feels like dom just had some genuine fun making this video. Also imma get me a pair of those earbuds my wireless earbuds suuuuuck

by SKE The Duud 1 month ago

i NEED the "walking while dodging bullets" animation as a gif

by ignore me 1 month ago

What the title says: sober convos

What the title is trying to say: I SWEAR we didn't consume ANY alcohol, we aren't DRUNK, we aren't HIGH, this is GENUINELY WHAT WE THINK AND TALK ABOUT ON A DAILY BASIS. Domics DOES NOT condone ANY kind of substance that warps the way one thinks.

by professional sleeper 3 weeks ago

90% of the comments: Raycon sponsored instead of Crunchyroll, NordVPN or Audible.

10% of comments: literally anything else

by Haewon Choi 3 weeks ago

"yea can u get me carbonara"

literally every a.r.m.y: c-a-r-e-b-o-n-a-r-a
another army: ToNy mOnTaNa??

by *SourLimey* XD 4 days ago

Who else watches these videos instead of getting friends to talk to

by Undead Crusader 3 days ago

I don't know why this took 4 days to be recommended to me when I watch Domics daily

by - Incognito - 1 month ago

Why do I still remember the butt video, that is literally his legacy video now

by Top Later 2 weeks ago

Domics: doesn't get sponsored by Crunchyroll

Raycon: allow me to introduce myself

by Lord B3AST 2 weeks ago

"I've been going to L.A. A lot" Aha, flex

by Cassie 1 month ago

I actually have had Raycons since Christmas and I love them. I use them every day for hours (during and after school) and they havenโ€™t died on me yet. The audio quality is great and they have NEVER fallen out, I can go to the gym and work out and they donโ€™t fall out. They are also very discrete which I love as well. 10/10 frfr highly recommend, this is my yelp review or whatever

by stubbs 1 month ago

Even though we see his face at the end but as he talks all I can imagine is the animation of him

by Celeste 1 month ago

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