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The psychology of war, veterans share their experience

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If you're open for new perspectives on war, this movie is a must see. What is the psychology of war? Do soldiers become murderers when they enjoy killing? Is war beautiful? Are all humans capable of monstrous acts? FIRST KILL explores what war does to the human mind and soul. The film stars several interviews with Michael Herr, the former war correspondent who wrote the screenplays to Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket. Of Equal importance are several in-depth interviews with vietnam veterans that evoke the contradictory feelings that killing produces - fear, hate, seduction and pleasure.

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Vietnam vets are the greatest. Some of the best people I've ever personally met. They never forget their brethen and are always there to help us when we need it. Bless all veterans.

by Prince G-MO 7 years ago

This is exactly why I hate hippies. It's one thing to just be sitting around doing drugs, but it's pretty low to pelt the returning vets. It's not like they were expecting a parade, just understanding.

by benikage666 5 years ago

How USA uses its young men to do the dirty work of politics is sick.

by Mike Quinn 3 years ago

No one knows what these guys had to go through unless you've been there.

by T bone 2 years ago

That guy learned how good killing people can feel, courtesy of the government.

by samus vikerness 3 years ago

Your senses come back. That's the best description of what its like to be in war that I've heard.

by Connor Vaughn 2 years ago

Marlon Brando in the Apocalypse could not have a deeper and chilling voice... as if the demons of war spoke directly through this veteran..

by alexander kolodziej 2 years ago

War is the worst, and the best, experience in life.

by thebudkellyfiles 2 years ago

NEVER FORGET!!! The words they spoke makes me shiver 45 years later.

by Clinical Educator1 2 years ago

FIRST KILL.... Outstanding documentary!

by HowYesNo 8 months ago

War,war,war... Thats what America knows best.How to kill people.I dont blame the soldiers...they are the victims,i blame the Goverment.

by Indal 9 years ago

I would like to hear from from this guys. anyone knows about documentaries like this?

by Rambo JOHN 2 years ago

No annoying songs or Hollywood theatrics. This was a cool documentary imo

by Sam Fisher 1 year ago

I respect you all brave Americans. These people don't know that President Johnson and later, Nixon (who isn't president yet) are in control of this war and they commanded the unthinkable to keep South Vietnam Democratic. You just have to follow others from receiving a military draft in your mail, join the military by presidential force, and follow war orders from these two presidents or there will be consequences that will be given to you. Now, it is time that we, the real good people, give you the respect you all truly deserve.

by SonicExeReaper 4 years ago

You do realize that only 25% of Vietnam soldiers were drafted. The remaining majority(75%) volunteered. As a veteran myself. I'm a little tired of these guys crying about war. Be careful what you wish for.

by Bad Gumby 10 months ago

I also want to share that it doesn't take much to teach a person to kill. The instruction given is to kill with more efficiency.

by RC Rivers 5 years ago

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