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NASA's Research on Climate Change | Above and Beyond

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ABOVE AND BEYOND examines the role NASA plays both in our country & for our planet, celebrating past accomplishments, investigating current initiatives & surveying future plans..
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Discovery photo 1 NASA's Research on Climate Change... Discovery photo 2 NASA's Research on Climate Change... Discovery photo 3 NASA's Research on Climate Change... Discovery photo 4 NASA's Research on Climate Change...

No mention of the carbon dioxide, methane, deforestation and habitat destruction caused by the animal agriculture industry?

by TeddyP 2 months ago

Absolutely incredible and scary presentation!

by lyomadishny 3 weeks ago

It's just we donโ€™t see all this! Even from below, you canโ€™t see..six intense minutes for those who are still not aware:

Good unhappy sequence to you.. Thanks Discovery and Nasa for these images!

by Synthcope Breakbeat 1 month ago

bruh mark my words, we won't take actions until it's too late.

by Obama โžŠ 1 month ago

There are so many factors , from Co2 to development of the land that run off kills the sea bed and reefs, the vast reduction of the rain forests that absorbs the pollution and changes it. Tyre ware that runs off into the sea. The gas from sparkling drinks. And then you have the effect of the moon moving from earth. We are just reducing the time we have left on earth that may not be much over the next 10 years if we do not do something NOW! Plastics has increased triple in the last 5 years. Fish birds and insects have vanished. very few people had an insect hit their windscreen in 2019 .
The fishermen here in Lyme Regis say all the fish have gone , Even dog fish, that last to go for in bad times, Crabs also have gone. Time is running out and the government ego in countries do not seem to care. Clothing and man made fibers . the plastic from the soles of your shoes. . It all ads up from the billions of people on this planet. And those water villages in Asia and around the world need to know this. That they must clean up and stop using the sea as a dumping ground. Spread the word. WAKE UP . its hear in our life time and your children will not have one. ITS A FACT!

by Gary Bridger 1 month ago

Pitty the maps/images didnt focus much on Antarctica...the 1 continent that rules the oceans that intern provide our weather...3degreese is catastrophic..storms will devistate our ability to feed each other...

by Mark Galbraith 6 hours ago

I'm kinda surprised that the masses have not figured out that they are being conned big time. You don't have to do much research to figure out that all the doom and gloom rhetoric is premised on computer "models" scenarios that don't match the real world. It's all it has ever been, but apparently that's all that is required to keep the dollars flowing.

by KelliAnn Winkler 1 week ago

It's a scary place where the earth and climate are heading. I hate to say this but I'm kinda glad I won't be alive to see the what's to come . floods, fires ,plastic in oceans, hurricanes , more co2 as more rain forests disappear. In my opinion its gonna get worse before it gets any better. It's a sad reality that needs to be dealt with before it becomes irreversible if it isn't already. ๐Ÿณ๐Ÿฌโšกโ˜

by Mark Dempsy 2 months ago

Era to Era people's tendency on happiness in much more little issues.
But should have limitation in every single eases.
Must be use physical energy.

by Amit Madhu 2 months ago

And it feels like me on a good day- above & beyond.

by roth so 2 months ago

The scientist and the prophets say it's the end of the world

by Timothy L. ove 2 months ago

mins in my face is like ๐Ÿ˜ฌ oooooo thatโ€™s not good

by lIMZEY 2 months ago

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