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Diet Doctor Podcast #30 — Dr. Gary Fettke

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They tried to silence him simply for trying to help his patients eat better and improve their health. Fortunately they failed. Now Dr. Fettke, along with his wife Belinda, has made it his mission to uncover the truth behind the anti-meat establishment and much of what he has discovered is shocking. He continues to work as an orthopdeic surgeon, but he sees a better way to helping those who are obese or suffer from diabetes- LCHF. Or as he calls it, real food nutrition. He is outspoken, witty and a true low carb hero.

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Hospital food is a crime. When my late mother was in the hospital at the end of her life, they would give her a breakfast with cereal, orange juice, etc. Then a nurse would come in a half hour later, measure her blood sugar and say "Your blood sugar is high. I'm going to have to give you an insulin shot!" My Mom would say "What do you expect, you gave me a breakfast full of sugar!"

by Don P 3 months ago

The More I hear about these industries and people involved in anti - human activities the more meat, fish and dairy I eat,

by icequeenz 5 months ago

You won’t find this kind of stuff in your high school history nor health books. Got a real education here today.

by Yoso 6 months ago

Yes, we have to question because of Zero Population...*they want us sick & dead! Thank you both for speaking up...it took a lot of courage! God bless you!

by E 6 months ago

I have so much gratitude for people like Gary and Belinda, and also for Tim Noakes.

by Kat McAra 6 months ago

Another excellent interview. I've heard Gary and his wife Belinda speak many times and I'm still shocked at how uncaring the health care system reallyl is. I am glad to have found keto/low carb. No more worring about developing diabetes (i was prediabetic). I am hopeful that my brain is getting all the healthy nutrient dense fatty foods it needs to avoid early dementia which runs in my family. Diet Doctor keep doing what you are doing. Things must change. Real food = a healthy metabolism

by April EK 6 months ago

Just had a neck surgery, last september, Type 1 Diabetic, lchf 10:yrs and keto, One day after surgery they sent me home, 4 hours in a bus, i 've not taken any drugs or painkillers since the day of surgery. I'm just in no pain what so ever. They put a small stellcage between vertebrae C6-C7, and they released the rootnerve at C7. I recover faster than i don't know what....and the only thing i can think of is the food i eat. No pain, no painkillers and steady diabetes no highs, no lows

by Susanne Videkull 6 months ago

"We are going to have a massive change in health....it's going to be messy"

80% of American adults are metabolically unhealthy.  

The future is NOW.

by Douglas X 6 months ago

This is most disturbing interview I have ever seen!

by Dave Oatway 6 months ago

Ten thumbs down? Vegan haters🥴 How can someone not love Dr. Fettke- what’s there not to like? He’s a perfect gentleman.

by Curious Nook 4 months ago

Thank you for exposing all those pious 7day Adventist’s and greedy self serving businesses at our expense! As you say, question everything. Even Buddha said,” Don’t believe me,question everything” Great to hear you with your courageous honesty!

by Ron Romeo 5 months ago

Every one should share this -

by j Cornish 6 months ago

Many a great scientist has been silenced for speaking the TRUTH! Well done Gary!

by AMG 5 months ago

Fascinating and very disturbing at the same time, thank you!

by Vaughan C 6 months ago

A brave doctor who is actually helping. Keep up the good work 👍

by jim connell 5 months ago

I love these Diet Doctors podcasts very informative. Thank you Dr Scher.

by Royston Clark 3 months ago

Love your work Dr. Bret Scher - professional and objective - continue to educate people :)

by Tom Andersen 6 months ago

Saving people is very profitable, they almost kill you, then they send you to gym, if it dont work, go to pharmacy and take a pill untill you wait your surgery.
If the government sets an guideline, everything the government gives must follow it, school food, hospital food, aid food sent to africans. Whoever sell this food makes a lot of money, so much they can fund harvard nutritionists.

by GuilhotinaGamez 5 months ago

"Read, Repeat, Reward" I googled for this and it seems to be a Dr. Gary original. A gem.

by anon mouse 3 months ago

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