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Big South Fork NRRA (Tennessee) Backpacking - January 2020

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The 2020 backpacking season got off to an early start with a January hike to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in Tennessee. I had never done a true winter backpacking trip before but both Travis and I were getting anxious to do a hike so we met up for the quick weekend trip.
With the trip taking place in early January it was ‘officially’ a winter trip, but the weather felt anything but winter-like. The good weather theme we had throughout 2019 seemed to carry over into 2020, with temperatures getting into the 70’s and the 100% chance of heavy rain we were supposed to receive held off long enough that we got to ‘enjoy’ the storms while sitting in rocking chairs on the Charit Creek Lodge porch sipping craft IPA’s! That warm weather also allowed me to bring the dogs along.
Our route was a 3-day, 20-mile point-to-point hike starting at the Bandy Creek HQ area. The plan was to take in the John Litton farm site area shortly after Bandy Creek, then connect with the Tennessee version of the John Muir Trail, find a first night campsite somewhere near the 8-mile mark, then continue on the JMT on day #2 to the Station Camp Creek trail to Charit Creek Lodge for our 2nd night ‘camp’. The plan seemed simple enough but we found a complete lack of suitable campsites on the JMT, and we had no choice but to continue hiking until we reached Station Camp Creek where we found water and a marginally acceptable campsite. Instead of hiking 8 miles for the day we ended up doing over 16 miles, which for some may not seem unreasonable but for us it made for a long day.
The night at Charit Creek Lodge was again the same ‘magical’, throwback in time experience we’ve come to expect, and it was made extra special with IPA’s and ‘pizza’ on the porch while enjoying the ‘nature TV’ thunderstorm show from the protection of the lodge porch.
Not all was perfect on the trip, though. When I went to change the battery on the Z6 the first night I was unable to find the spare Z6 batteries. I nearly ripped my pack apart looking for them, being certain I had inadvertently stuffed them into one of the many storage pockets on my REI Flash 55 pack, but the batteries were never found (turns out I had left them at home – duh!). I do always carry a ‘spare’ GoPro on my trips and in the end I had to film the 2nd half of the hike with the GoPro. That worked out OK, but the audio and low light capability of the GoPro don’t even come close to what the Z6 can do. I’ll chalk it up as a painful ‘learning experience’, and use the lesson to ensure it never happens again.
For those who have watched my other videos this one is done in the same style - about 45 minutes in length, intended to bring the audience along for the 'ride', and with a still picture slide show with music at the end. If you just have a few minutes skip to the end and enjoy the pictures.
Equipment / Gear List.
Still and Video Camera: Nikon Z6 with Nikkor 24mm f1.8 Z-mount lens
Video Editing Software: Vegas Pro 16
Pack: REI Flash 55

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Amazing job Dad, you killed it yet again!! You and the doggies sure do make the greatest trio. And of course your awesome friends as well!! Keep up the incredible work daddio😊😊

by Annie Gray 1 month ago

Always a good day when I see a new video from David Gray pop up in my notifications.

by Josh Ebersole 1 month ago

I feel like I was there with You!

by El De Alla 1 month ago

Great video as always! I’m glad you got to stop in my home town of Corbin and enjoy Bubby’s barbecue and Cumberland Falls! The Big South Fork has lots to offer!

by Joshua's Adventures 1 month ago

The 2020 hiking season has begun😁! So glad the dogs came too👍. Thx David🤘✌️

by Brad Davis 1 month ago

David, this is my first comment, even though we have watched every one of your videos. We love your videos, photography, and, of course, your great personality. We watched your gear explosion videos when we were just starting to hike. They were invaluable, and we began hiking because of you. Thank you for helping us find all the great things we were missing. We are in SoCal, so hiked some of the PCT, Sierra, Yosemite. These places are so different and beautiful when viewing nature from a trail. Thank you 🙏.

by Charlie 1 month ago

The high miles paid off. Lol Glad you avoided the weather. Great video David as always!

by All Things Out Doors 1 month ago

Love you jayden enjoy every moment soak up the memories my friend glad 2 see your new video

by govinda kanha sarkar 1 month ago

Just LOVE the Doggie back pack! Hope it is filled with the dog's treats and dinners!

by Kunga Zopa 1 month ago

Love your dogs! Wish mine would go hiking with me.

I've been past the Charit Creek Lodge, but never stayed there. I think you've just convinced me it's time. Great vid!

by OutLan 1 month ago

I get so excited when one of your videos pops up. Then, when I saw the dogs I was even more excited. Travis too, of course!

by PatJ61 1 month ago

Loving the video so far David! I have not hiked in Tennessee ever, yet every time you drive South over that bridge you bring the adventure! The overhangs around are incredibly cool. I love the trickling rocks and dense vegetation. Last year we backpacked Death Hollow in Utah, which is an awesome hidden oasis in the desert, and has massive overhangs. If you ever make it out West, specifically Utah or Colorado we could make a video together. I know I don't have the viewers you do, but it would be a blast and the video would rock. Plus, I always bring great Rye Whiskey, IPA's, and good snacks! Keep the videos coming, as I was very excited to see a video this early in the season.

Safe Trails!

by HikeWithMike 1 month ago

Thank you so much for taking me along on this backpacking trip with you .

by Grandma Sandy 1 month ago

I especially enjoy those hikes with the pups. David, you make me feel like I'm along with the adventure. Just brilliant photos as well, and am looking forward to the 2020 season!! Many thanks!!

by Nick Rumph 1 month ago

lmao ( i love the dog is biautifull smaaaaaaaaaaaaak !!! in the noise of dog hahahaa

by E180 TEKNO 2 weeks ago

This looks like a great hike! Glad the weather held for you.

by Mistik Bunny 1 month ago

Hey david welcome back ive been wondering when you were going to make another video nice to see the dogs again thanks for the video keep the videos coming for 2020 jayden is getting up in age but still going good dogs

by doreen Booth 1 month ago

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