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The Way Back | Fiji to Panama | A voyage on FPB 78 that changed the prospects of cruising forever

#survival #south pacific #boat #expedition #Science & Technology
Join Linda and Steve Dashew aboard the FPB 78 - 1 Cochise on a 7500 mile/12,070 kilometer record setting voyage, averaging 10 knots from Fiji to Panama against the winds and current, that has changed the prospects of cruising forever. Their 5450 mile/8770 kilometer leg, without a fuel stop, is the longest ever undertaken by a small motor yacht. You will be aboard as they thread their way through some of the most beautiful and navigationally dangerous waters on this planet. The Dashews will show you how they deal with severe thunder squalls, use modern navigation electronics, and catch fish on a state of the art meat line. You will hear stories of their past visits through the South Pacific, make a brief stop at exquisite Fatu Hiva, and learn how they do all of this in extreme comfort.

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DashewOffshore photo 1 The Way Back | Fiji... DashewOffshore photo 2 The Way Back | Fiji... DashewOffshore photo 3 The Way Back | Fiji... DashewOffshore photo 4 The Way Back | Fiji...

Truly enjoyed this voyage and look forward to viewing even more!

by Edward Grant 4 weeks ago

Thank you posting your journey. From an aspiring yacht owner this video has motivated me more.

by jason howell 4 weeks ago

This was so cool the navigation details & boat electronics overview. Inspirational! I'm too chicken to boat from naples to key west lol

by N C 4 weeks ago

Adventurous spirits living and learning as we go. Thank you for teaching me.

by MrSamurichuck 4 weeks ago

Have you considered putting solar on top of the Matrix Deck? With the addition of a Electric motor, it could potentially extend your range considerably.

by ladykay8 1 day ago

Great vid especially the yatch! Amazing and good job!!!!!

by Zika Track 4 weeks ago

Thank You so much for sharing this beauty, true freedom true love! GOD BLESS YOU

by Joey Alexandre Joeycr88 3 weeks ago

Wow usually dont see em this early, what a treat!
Edit; that osprey was crazy way out there!

by Joe Carnes 4 weeks ago

WOW! What a sensational ship ! Great voyage as well...โ€ฆโ€ฆ BRAVO!

by Rick Larner 1 week ago

GREAT VID!!!! Thank you for sharing.

by M. sawmill 4 weeks ago

Thank you very much that was an awesome come along voyage Code Red Out! ๐Ÿ˜Š

by G C 3 weeks ago

Very interesting and informative well made video thank you.

by Ian Craig 4 weeks ago

God bless you all. Thank you for your informative journey

by Vapor Rising 5 days ago

I love your channel I just found out through YouTube searching congratulation on this awesome boat you have that is a Dreamboat to live aboard for life.
You guys are the few people in the world that have something like this small yacht that you can live aboard go from long distances.
I just described hoping to see more new videos thank you for sharing.โš“โ›ต๐Ÿ‘

by Out On The Reef 6 days ago

good luck thanks for sharing hope to see more video the still pictures are nice but so 1999 lol

by Rick T 3 weeks ago

I don't know why Youtube recommended your channel today, but you showed me a new way of approaching sailing around the world. The Matrix deck is what I've been looking for the whole time.

by Kris Q K 4 weeks ago

Hi Steve & Linda, what a magnificent yacht!!! I plan to travel along with you on the awesome journey. Thanks for sharing. Pat Schmidt Hall(Jim's sister)

by Patricia Hall 4 weeks ago

Probably I would like to convert the offshore crew vessel to yacht

by S C 4 weeks ago

Beautifully done video. The boat is a dream. And to think of the incredible hardships the first European sailors had to endure crossing the Pacific.

by Ravine Seder 1 week ago

Wow thatโ€™s an impressive motor yacht!

by Mike Sorensen 4 weeks ago

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