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blink 182 - Live @ Reading Festival 2014 (1080p Upscaled/50fps)

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0:00 Feeling This
3:06 What's My Age Again
5:46 The Rock Show
8:40 Up All Night
12:14 Down
15:31 I Miss You
20:04 Dumpweed
22:56 Wishing Well
26:31 Happy Holidays, You Bastard
27:22 Always
32:19 Stay Together For The Kids
36:14 Asthenia
40:41 First Date
44:45 Easy Target
47:18 All Of This
51:58 Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)
55:32 Man Overboard
57:20 Ghost On The Dancefloor
1:02:12 All The Small Things
1:05:39 Carousel
1:11:24 Violence
1:17:34 Dammit
1:20:49 Family Reunion

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Tom is the greatest sloppiest guitar player ever!

by Luis Ramirez 1 year ago

Letโ€™s cut them a bit of slack, theyโ€™re probably drunk and most of the audience is too. and most the audience seem to be enjoying it anyways

by Outatime 5 days ago

The real heroes are the ones that upload full profilmed shows

by noah 4 months ago

Since Tom isn't in Blink anymore, he should become a stand-up comedian. The man is hilarious.

by danman6669 1 year ago

I'll take 3 of whatever Tom is on...

by Chase Allsup 2 years ago

"I`m so sick of handjobs, i hate them, lets start this again for real, dad."

by Juho26 2 years ago

"I'll fingerbang you if you let me" Tom Delonge: Lyrical genius

by Splorgus 2 years ago

You know, I've listened to California, and I've watched the 2017 Lollapalooza show here on Youtube (the only one I can find with Matt that is professionally recorded....). Matt is NOT a bad player or singer. He just does not belong in Blink-182. Blink-182 will always be Mark, Tom and Travis, no matter what they get in their vaginas to fight over. And I'm not saying this as in I believe, wish or hope that Tom does re-join Blink-182 again; the band should have stopped for good after Tom left the second time. California is a good album, but it should have been released as a +44 album, or hell, they could have just made up a new band name....

by BigHead2615 2 years ago

Who's watching this on the first 2020?

by Ngurah Anjas 2 months ago

So sad to think that this is their last performance together!

by Chris Lorenzo 1 year ago

Stay Together for the Kids is one of the prettiest guitar riffs ever.

by Evan Zayas 4 months ago

Maybe it was better live, but Mark's mic is too low for most of this set, the rest of the mixing is actually pretty damn good in terms of guitar/bass/drums

by Kevin Muhlbach 10 months ago

This is my favorite concert. The chemistry between members cant be replaced. They were the best three person combination I ever saw.

by Paulina Castillo 7 months ago

Anyone notice Tom gets a lot more into the songs from Neighborhoods?

by Jack Rota 1 year ago

Tom making those noises and Travis coming on for this solo on Violence might be the best thing I've ever heard

by Aaron Jumpa 4 months ago

God this is so good. I've listened to this at work every day this week and it gives me hope that Mark, Tom & Travis will one day play gigs together again. Would love to have been there to see this.

by Lewis R 1 year ago


Feeling This
What's My Age Again
The Rock Show
Up All Night
I Miss You
Wishing Well
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Stay Together For The Kids
First Date
Easy Target
All Of This
Hybrid Moments (Misfits Cover)
Man Overboard
Ghost On The Dancefloor
All The Small Things
Family Reunion

by Danilo D'Aponte 2 years ago

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