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Alaska State Troopers S4 E17: Deep Woods Standoff

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Not only when standing in the line of fire during traffic pullovers, but also during undercover decoy operations, Alaska State Troopers must remain vigilant in all corners of the state so they aren’t caught on their heels and in a deadly predicament.
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Why would a man hold turtles hostage?!?!? That’s worth getting in a gunfight over.

by Mikledeepikle - 5 months ago

- Thats what Alaska calls rush hour traffic???????

by Debyaka 6 months ago

"Hunters in United States and Canada 'accidentally' shoot 1000 people every year."
I don't even know what to make of this....

by Ed Wald 7 months ago

Man, these cops have a ton of patience.

by MegaMech 2 years ago

Wow I never realized what American cops have to do and go through, I mean cops from here just collect drunks from the streets... This is just insane

by moon cricket 2 months ago

90% of the violent Crimes in Alaska happen under the Influence of Alcohol...
A Troopers best Friend: His Dog.
Those Guys must start feeling like Movie Stars...
Amazing Landscapes. T.M.

by Markus Imboden 2 years ago

Criminals? More like addicts and psychiatric patients.

by Elestro Air-soft 5 months ago

Did he just call a Dodge Ram a "Toyota pickup"

by Wacky Ninja 2 years ago

wow that older dude changing the tire is a boss

by Alphawolf299 5 months ago

Heck yeah! This is one bucket of an episode

by Ursa 2 years ago

a field sobriety test
totally ridiculous
particularly in the situation where somebody is obviously totally drunk
i suppose humiliation is more the word

by Urs Odermatt 5 months ago

”Anything on your pokets that might poke me ?” ”I hope so.” Ok but for real xd

by Fredrik Nyholm 4 months ago

Trooper Knowle has a lot of courage. Respect for the these people.

by Oden Son 2 years ago

Good video keep this series going it's amazing I love watching it and it's to the point where I rewatch it all the time

by Hannibal L 2 years ago

I really love this Alaska troopers💋 keep up the good work and keep safe all the time from bad people u caught up.....from 🇵🇭

by ria lad 1 year ago

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