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Armenia 4K. Interesting Facts About Armenia

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Lets take a look at Armenia in 2019! This up and coming country has great potential in tourism. #Armenia

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Greeting to our brothers from Cyprus

by Minas Mina 7 months ago

Recently in united nation session indian prime minister narendra modi meet Armenian pm and give full support to Armenian people . Love from india

by r Jangir 6 months ago

What a beautiful country, people and culture, love from India ❤

by Pradeep Verma 5 months ago

I went there for 7 times in spand of 2 years and Armenia never fail to amaze me every time I come there. Respectful, loving and caring locals is the one I really miss right now.

by manny lo casabar 7 months ago

A country with a rich heritage that has passed through historic wrongs

by george ninan 4 months ago

Armenia is so beautiful and I can't wait to go in the future and see where my ancestors came from ♥️ currently learning the language too to feel closer to my heritage.

by KaseyRose 1 month ago

Ok i am from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵. I love armenia. 😀

by ash 5 months ago

Thanks for sharing, I'm Iranian and I know lot of Iranian-Armenians living in Iran, very decent people, friendly and happy. I love them and their music specially Loosig Kochian, wonderful voice, love her. I certainly visit Armenia one day.

by Ramin 6 months ago

I love Armenia from Malaga Spain

by Babel DZ 4 months ago

This place is very beautiful and clean country I think....Love Armenia... from Indonesia 🇮🇩

by Mitch 7AR 4 months ago

A narrative vlog. A beautiful country. When you say Armenia, the first thing which comes to my mind is Armenian genocide!

by Elisabetha Vazhakala 7 months ago

If two country's as Georgia and Armenia will untied
I guess will be called

by Mavashi Chudan 6 months ago

❤ from iran for armenia

by Abas 6 months ago

Have met some Armenians in USA
They are wonderfully patriotic even at Diaspora.
Glad to see the country is in recovery in veriety.

by atino hano 4 months ago

I had no idea the country and the women were so beautiful

by John Doe 2 months ago

From the USA....... Some of the nicest, greatest, most kind and dear people I have ever encountered. I love Armenians..............

by death2pc 2 months ago

Армения входит в 20. Безопасных стран всего мира

by Gevorg 1 7 months ago

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