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The Daily Show - Bill O'Reilly Extended Interview

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The only time Bill is tolerable is when he's with this guy.

by Crystal K 3 years ago

watched this after the Trevor Noah interview with Tomi Lahren because I needed to see a simpler time

by caity 3 years ago

I love it when Oreilly goes outside the fox bubble, he seems a lot more... human

by Tennessee Jermyn 3 years ago

This is the perfect example of the breakdown in communication between Left and Right.
They often agree on a lot of the facts but place slightly different emphasis on them. And that emphasis leads to mischaracterising and demonizing the opponent.

by Gary Wood 3 years ago

"I'm sitting here because I'm obnoxious, not because I'm white!". I'm actually impressed that O'Reilly has even that much self-awareness.

by Crosby4hyg 4 years ago

I love these two guys together. You can tell they're friends, but just so far apart on the political chain that all they can do is argue. But then, you'd have no problem believing they went out for a beer together after the show.

by Phil Buckhouse 4 years ago

There is nothing better on YouTube then o'Reilly and Stewart debating

by James Hagan 3 months ago

"I'm sitting here because I'm obnoxious, not because I'm white!" LMAO!!!! That's a classic line no matter what you think of the politics.

by Orange Fox 3 years ago

"Don't mess with Oprah, she'll shave you" is maybe the funniest joke Bill has ever said on purpose.

by Samuel Armen 4 months ago

I think Bill agreed with what Jon was saying without actually realizing it

by Stricken4Pot 5 years ago

This entire segment was Jon simply trying to get Bill to understand that white privilege is not something to be ashamed of; it's something to be aware of.

So simple, and yet...

by Ama 3 years ago

The point O'Reilly misses and Jon Stewart didn't touch on is the fact that to really be successful and make it you have to start "working hard" as a CHILD.

How can you expect a CHILD, growing up in a very low income area, when dad may or may not be around, when theres gangs and drugs and alcohol all over the place and that whole cultures that is WAY different then the cultures of middle/upper class, to know what to do succeed in life? With potentially little to no guidance or poor guidance from the parents in many cases?

You can't just grow up in an environment like that and then suddenly at the age of 18 go to college if you haven't even finished high school yet or if you did very poorly and didn't learn much. Kids are easily influenced by their environment, and its very far fetched to expect a young child to somehow figure out he needs to ignore what goes on around him/her and to study and find a path success.

by M 4 years ago

"there is no more slavery, there is no more jim crow,"
"oooo" *removes book *

by Fleidy Leegyrson 6 months ago

I'm not sure if O'reilly realises that Stewart is Jon's last name.

by George Henderson 2 days ago

The O'Reilly Stewart Rivalry was so awesome back in the day

by Gouthum Chiluvuri 10 months ago

He's confusing privilege with success.

by Jeffrow Ryan 2 months ago

What people seem to misunderstand is that white prove large problems are no longer caused by systemic racism, they are caused by class oppression. Because blacks did not have the same opportunity for so long, the majority of them became impoverished. With the advent of white flight these impoverished blacks were then all concentrated into one place, given poorer education, less high end jobs, and almost no opportunity for entrepreneurial pursuits, leading to an extension of "white privilege"

by Aiden Nelson 3 years ago

White Privilege is a misnomer. It should be called Black Disadvantage, Black Hindrance, or Black Misfortune etc. Something that would highlight the actual problem.

by BunnyMan456 3 years ago

I must admit that I applauded when O'Reilly said he was obnoxious. I still dislike him, but I think there's more brains to him than we see on FOX News. When he has an opponent like Jon Stewart, for a brief moment, I respect him.

by Emma Deschamps 4 years ago

I seriously think these guys are secretly friends

by chrism95 3 months ago

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