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Chappelle's Show - "Making the Band" - Uncensored

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For nobody that gets the sugar cookie reference, Diddy made some contestants on the show walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn to get cheesecake from Juniors.

by Morn Wood 2 years ago

Pretty accurate skit about the show P Diddy always wanted them to do stuff that didn't have anything to do with music LOL

by DARK 6 3 months ago

"I rip when I rhyme, I rhyme when i rip..."

Still the hottest bars of the century

by Justin Haynes 10 months ago


by Graphik Dezigns 11 months ago

The show lasted longer than their actual music careers.

by Yalethia Lee 5 months ago

The crazy part is this isn't too far off from the actual Making the Band Show 😂😂

by Gabe The Great 1 year ago

Kids these days will NEVER understand how hilarious this is

by Ultimate Shining 3 months ago

So we just gonna ignore that Wyclef Jean was wearing a Spider-Man outfit?

by Angry Robot 10 months ago

Dave is hilarious as Dylan. "A-rumpa-tang, A-rumpa-ting." It's over 10 years later and I'm still laughing. Brilliant sketch.

by iluvmyboba 2 months ago

"Is that hot? Is that what's going in the streets right now your taxes?" Lmao

by ED 209 4 months ago

Dylan's confused face every 5 mins kills me every time🤣🤣🤣 this episode never gets old 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

by Molly Maid 8 months ago

"Cant Stop, Wont Stop. Eh Ehh Eh Ehh"

by 02337755 4 months ago

Who else is still watching this absolute masterpiece in 2020???? 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

by Harry Huang 1 month ago

I remember puff shutting down the studio every 27 minutes

by ROUSH4203 2 years ago

Even Dave's attention to detail is amazing. His face at doing that weird half tongue out thing that Puff does is hilarious!

by FruitFlyKilla 2 months ago




by Eli 9 months ago

The best line of the skit is when he asked Wyclef, "What's the matter man?" "You coming to get some of this hot fire?"

by Duce Burnem 2 months ago

"You just going to talk up all of your anytime minutes?" The struggle of not being able to talk to people until after 9pm M-F.

by Anthony Williams 10 months ago

“You trying to get some of this HOT fire.”😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

by Tommy Barlow 6 months ago

Dave’s impersonation of Diddy probably even had Diddy laughing

by Mr Price 2 months ago

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