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Trump's false claim blames Obama admin as coronavirus spreads

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President Donald Trump sought to lay blame on the Obama administration for slowing down new diagnostic testing, but a lab association said this is not correct.
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CNN photo 1 Trump's false claim blames Obama... CNN photo 2 Trump's false claim blames Obama... CNN photo 3 Trump's false claim blames Obama... CNN photo 4 Trump's false claim blames Obama...

😂 😂 😂 took him longer than I thought to mention Obama n this mess. 😂 😂

by Zip Itshut 22 hours ago

me: WTF does Obama Administration have to do with 2019 - 2020 present Conoronavirus Trump Administration.

by Kevin Pham 1 day ago

Obama has been living rent free in Trump's head even before he became POTUS

by Desmond Quick 1 day ago

Can he take responsibility at all??? Obama, Hillary, common ! Grow up

by Eric Charles 1 day ago

😂😂 I knew it was coming... blame Obama... #45 is so jealous of Obama... doesn't he know the world can see it!

by Ms W 1 day ago

"I'll tell you what's at the bottom of it. If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." ~Lyndon Baines Johnson - 36th president of the United States

by Andrea Boggan 1 day ago

this is how you speak when you hear stuff. as in "i hear..." people hear all sorts of things, can they use them under official capacity?

by amiho gatai 1 day ago

A meteor approaching Earth would also be the fault of Obama.

by Nikola Tesla 1 day ago

Stop lying you cut budgets for WHO AND CDC. You have been in charge for 4 years sorry it is all on you. GET OVER IT!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

by Susan Muench 1 day ago

Once again Trump* proves himself to be a habitual pathological lair..
How can anyone trust anything this man says?
Vote the virus out in 2020~!

by Dale Jones 1 day ago

Trump: "I see the problem: you are testing too much."

by Robert Evans 1 day ago

The toddler-in-chief dismantles and disables the CDC then blames Obama for it.

by pamalojo 1 day ago

Bringing up and dissing Obama's name , to Trump and his supporters . Seems to be what spinach is to Popeye the Sailor Man and olive oil. LOL

by Bob Pen 23 hours ago

Dang man has a hard on for Obama!

by Del Del 1 day ago

"My name is Donald J. Trump. The J stands for jenius."

by Jesus Says 1 day ago

The obtuse Fool-in-Chief wags his bionic tongue. Hopefully he'll chew it off.

by Picket Fence 1 day ago

The Obama administration ? Drump always deflects to Obama. The real fun is when Drump boot lickers come on here and try to justify it.🤣

by Richard The Lion Hearted 1 day ago

Can't take responsibility for anything and always blame others except when it is convenient to me: D Trmup

by Giovanni Avila 23 hours ago

Wish Obama could have pulled a Putin and changed the rules so he could be been Prez forever.

by Courtney Lynn 1 day ago

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